Xiao Lihua’s flowering period: July-October

The form of Xiaolihua is similar to Dali chrysanthemum. It is a dwarf type of Dali flower varieties. The Xiaolihua period is long and is an excellent plant.When is the flowering period of Xiaolihua and how long is the flowering period?

The flowering period of Xiaoli flowers in Xiaolihua is: July to October

] Precautions for Xiaolihua breeding, Xiaolihua native to the plateau at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, is happy with sunlight, and it should be a warm climate. The growth temperature is 10 ~ 25 ° C.At the time of ° C, the roots were frozen. In the summer, the plants were stagnant in high temperatures and rainy areas. They were in a half -dormant state. They were not tolerant to drought and waterlogging.It is required to be loose and fertile and drainage sandy loam soil, and low -lying water accumulation is not suitable for planting. The flowering period of Xiaolihua will be introduced here, I hope to help everyone.