Why is the Golden Tiger Piran expensive?

Golden Tiger Pilan may be because its plants have high ornamental value, and its leaves will emit golden yellow in the sun and very beautiful. Golden Tiger Pilan may also be caused by breeding methods. Golden Tiger Pilan has strict requirements on water and temperature. If you don’t pay attention to breeding, you will cause the plant to rot at the root of the plant.

The reason for the Golden Tiger Pi Langui

Golden Tiger Pilan’s price on the market is much more expensive than ordinary Tiger Pi Lalan, so why is the golden tiger Pi Lan expensive? The great reason for Golden Tiger Pilan is because its plants have high ornamental value. The leaves of the golden tiger Piran are large, and its leaves are pale green or pale yellow, and golden brown will exude in the sun.

The method of breeding of the golden tiger Pilan is also one of the reasons for its expensive. The phenomenon of rotting the roots of the plant. When breeding the golden tiger Pilan, you don’t need to water too much to keep the soil moist, but when the temperature is high, you can appropriately increase the number of watering times.

Golden Tiger Pilan likes to grow in loose and breathable sandy loam soil. When breeding, it can mix the soil, garden soil, river sand, and perlite. Golden Tiger Piran is happy but afraid of strong light. When breeding, the plant must not only accept sufficient light, but also do a good job of shading to prevent the plant from sunburn.

Golden Tiger Pilan does not like fertilizer, but during the growth period, it is necessary to appropriately apply thin liquid fertilizer to the plant. You can spray leaf fertilizer on the leaves appropriately when breeding. Golden Tiger Piran has high temperature requirements, and the suitable growth temperature is about 25 degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of cooling during summer breeding and cold prevention measures in winter.