Why does Lotus Bamboo raise three trees

Lotus bamboo is a kind of auspicious plant similar to rich bamboo, which has always been loved by many people, and three represent the sky in Feng Shui, raising three meaning auspiciousness and wealth, and its stems and leaves are larger. A pot can be cultivated up to three to have good ornamental value.

1. Three reasons for the lotus bamboo

Lotus bamboo is a plant -like plant. Three trees, because bamboo in the eyes of China is a kind of plant that means it, in the eyes of Chinese people, it is a kind of auspicious plant, which means auspicious and wealthy.

And three represents the sky in terms of Feng Shui, so the breeding of the three trees implying that the fortunes at home have risen from this steadily, and because the plants of lotus bamboo are short, it is large The potted pots are raised at most three best, and have high ornamental value under reasonable maintenance conditions.

2. The main points of maintenance of lotus bamboo 1. Sandy soil

Because lotus bamboo is a tropical plant, it likes to be loose drainage If you grow in the soil, it is best to use rotten leaf soil, humus soil, forest soil, and coarse sand according to the ratio of 3: 2: 1: 3, and then add a small amount of farm fatal solution to it, and then pour water into water. Can.

2. Fully light

In the process of lotus bamboo breeding, it is best to keep 6 to 7 hours a day of light. In winter, pay attention to preparation for preparation of frost. In the summer and autumn seasons, proper scattering sunlight is conducive to the growth and development of the plant. At this time, it is also during the growth of lotus bamboo. It is best not to expose it for a long time to avoid the phenomenon of yellowing of the leaves.

3. Water and fertilizer management

Lotus bamboo is a plant that likes to grow in a moist environment. It usually water once a day during its growth, summer In the high temperature season, spray the leaves appropriately, and then add thin liquid fertilizer every one month, and then pour the appropriate amount of water in time, and stop fertilizing in winter.


由于蓮花竹的生長速度很快,最好在蓮花竹的生長旺盛時候進行修剪處理,而且蓮花竹的莖葉較大,為了美觀The effect should be cut off the dense side branches, withered branches, and rotten branches on the plant in time to avoid nutrient consumption and promote the normal growth of the plant.