Where should the fortune trees be placed? Teach you the position of the fortune tree of the fortune!

As we all know, the fortune tree is a valuable plant. It can not only be used in the garden greening outdoors. As a laid -sideline tree or courtyard tree species, it can also be planted with potted plants to place the home of wealth. However, it is not to put the fortune tree in any place at home to achieve the feng shui effect of recruiting money. In terms of feng shui, the place of placement is particularly important. Therefore, let’s learn about the placement of Feng Shui’s efficacy in Feng Shui!

The placement of the fortune tree 1. In terms of Feng Shui science in the corner of the living room, the fortune tree can be placed in the living room In the corner, it makes it more reliable. In addition, the living room is the most harmonious Feng Shui position in the family. Therefore, it is easier to get rich here.

2. The porch to the wall porch is the first place to see in the house, and it is also the main channel of the house to the outside. A pot of fortune tree can effectively control the layout of the overall family’s luck and absorb the external wealth.

3. The so -called “purple qi” on the east side of the bedroom is the most concentrated place for Feng Shui fortune in the entire home. Therefore, the east side of the bedroom is also a place that is very suitable to place rich trees.

Since from the perspective of Feng Shui, the placement of the fortune tree is so particular about the placement, will it have many taboos? Indeed, there are some in the placement of the fortune tree. Taboo, the location of the fortune tree must be avoided.

The taboo position of the fortune tree I. The taboo in the living room for the placement on the living room, the fortune tree must avoid the idol, nor can it be placed at a high place, because the high place is not cold. If the fortune tree is placed at a height, it doesn’t make any sense.

2. For the placement of taboos in a specific location, the tree cannot be placed in the passage. Many people will mistakenly think that placing the fortune tree in the middle of the door will bring wealth. Fortunes will be blocked at the door.

In addition, the fortune tree must not be placed in the bathroom, but the bathroom is a place where wealth is gathered. If placing facing the bathroom will offset the fortune, you need to stay away from the bathroom.

Although the fortune tree is a plant with a wealth of wealth and wealth, its placement has a variety of attention and taboos. Therefore, if you want to make good use of the effect of getting rich trees on feng shui, then you must study and learn to get rich. The location of the tree is only available.