What to do if you do not bloom at home: Introduce the 6 major reasons for home farming and flowering.

Xiaobian often received a message from fans, saying that my family’s flowers are always unknown. Essence Essence On this issue, Xiaobian also consulted the relevant information. The following editors explain the six major reasons for raising flowers and how to correct flowers.

What should I do if the flowers of the family do not bloom? Insufficient water and fertilizer

We all know that we need “food” like pets. Only when you grow up, the same is true of flowers and plants, but it is just that food is replaced with fertilizer. If malnutrition, it will affect the flowers of flowers or not bloom. However, if the water and fertilizer are excessive, the flower branches and leaves will cause excess nutrition and cause the rhizomes without flowering.

2. The soil salt is too high

Most flowers like slightly acidic and neutral soil are afraid of salt. Flowers with salt tolerance such as geraniums such as girch roses are more than 0.1 {bf} when the amount of salt exceeds 0.1 {bf} more than a pH value of 7.5 will affect fertility and flowering.

3. Light and temperature conditions cannot meet the flowering requirements

Due to the different origin of the flowers, the growth habits are different, some are hot and hot, some are happy and humid; When the required living conditions are not met, it is also easy to cause falling flowers and buds.

Fourth, the room temperature in the winter is too high

Many people in the northern winter choose to move into a heating house to maintain in order to prevent frozen flowers, but this is that many flowers have entered a dormant state. If the room temperature is too high, it will break the hibernation of flowers and trees in advance, so that it will consume nutrients prematurely, and the next year will grow weak and not flowering or small flowers or withering.

5. Non -plastic pruning during the growth period

The non -pruning and plastic surgery of flowers and trees will affect the aesthetics and consume a lot of nutrients, which affects the formation of flower buds and causes less flowers or flowers.

6. Essence of pests and insect pests

Flower fertility is likely to be affected by the accumulation of nutrient accumulation and hindering the growth of pupa. For reasonable watering and fertilization and adjustment of the growth environment above the above reasons, it is reasonably trimmed and preventing the disease and insect pests.

How to urge flowers 1. Gentleland’s method of removing flowers

If you want to make a pot of gentlemen bloom as soon as possible, you can mainly use the fertilizer and reduce the temperature and increase the temperature and increase the temperature and increase the temperature. The temperature difference is realized.

① Fertilization, the simplest and practical method is to pour beer, (the effect of reminding flower fertilizers on the market is also good). Beer can be diluted with water to increase the breathability, and you can apply some phosphorus fertilizer.

② Temperature, Clivia is generally difficult to bloom in Futian. The reason is that when it is higher than 25 degrees, Clivia is in a half -dormant state.Essence But in the three seasons of spring, autumn, and winter, if the arrows are clamped, the temperature is not well mastered. One is that the temperature is high, 20 degrees or even higher than 25 degrees, and the other is that there is no temperature difference. Essence Therefore, during the period of the gentleman orchid, the temperature must be reduced, the temperature difference is increased, and the temperature difference is best at more than 10 degrees. The general family can use the South Balcony during the day and the northern balcony at night. This is conducive to the flowering arrow. If the flower arrows are not lifted, the grass should be under the basin, dry the roots for two days, and then the soil can be pelpped, and it will be managed normally, so that the flower arrows will soon come up.

2. The method of orchid flowers

Orchid catalysis is generally related to temperature, moisture and light.

① Temperature. To promote the blooming of orchids, it is necessary to make the day and night temperature of about ten degrees Celsius, that is, 18-12 degrees Celsius during the day, and the temperature conditions of seven to ten degrees Celsius at night are the best and more flowers. High temperature at night will make the orchid leaves soft and flower buds fall off. If the temperature is too low, it will cause blind buds, and spots on the leaves. During flowering, it is harmful to low temperature, and brown spots appear in the flowers.

② Watering. The amount of watering is also the main condition for the blooming of orchids, and the water should be controlled. Moral water will make Lanzhu grow long, and it is not easy to have flower buds. Suitable water is one of the ways to promote flowering. However, the lack of water will occur.

③ Light. Light is the main factor that promotes the buds of buds of orchids. The intensity of light is very different due to the different types of orchids. Generally, when the flower buds are formed, if the orchid strains are placed in a quite bright light, the color of red, dark red, and yellow will deepen when blooming. The orchids with green or white flowers should reduce the strength of the light as soon as possible when the buds are at the beginning to ensure that the color of the flowers is more elegant.

3, the method of white palm reminder

Want to let the white palm flowers start from light, moisture, nutrients, etc.

① White palm is a happy light plant. If it is maintained in a very dark place for a long time, it will grow and weaken generally, and it is not easy to bloom. And if the sun is too strong and direct, the leaves may become yellow.

② The white palm requires high humidity, and the air is not good for flowering when the air is too dry. Each watering should be sufficient to maintain the wet soil.

③ non-fertilization for a long time, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the plant. In the May-September growth period, some granular compound fertilizers will be applied to each month.

In addition, the white palm grows rapidly. Generally, its plants will be full of pots in 1-2 years, and the leaves are crowded and difficult to bloom. Therefore, it is more suitable to change the basin in time. It is more suitable for half shade after changing the basin.

4.The method of Danxianlan flowers

In the case of the growth permits of peony spinning orchids, do not water it too often. Of course, if you just pursue leafy watering frequently, there are no major problems.Control watering.Give it appropriately, do not expose in summer, shades appropriately.