What kind of plant is a rabbit’s prosperous wealth

People who are rabbits can raise orders with a number of wealthy bamboo, which has the effect of opening luck and wealth. The rich bamboo is afraid of strong light. When breeding, it can be placed in the living room or study. When you are in large, you must take the corresponding prevention measures, and you can usually only accept the sculpture.

It is a rabbit rabbit to raise wealth bamboo prosperity

Some people say that the plant with suitable plants can be prosperous. , Fugui bamboo has the effect of opening fortune and wealth, which can improve wealth. Fugui bamboo likes to grow in the place where the air humidity is high and the environment is cool. It can be placed in the living room, study and other places when breeding.

The method of breeding rich bamboo 1. Control the temperature

Wealth bamboo is warm. It can control the temperature at 20-28 ° C during breeding. The temperature is higher than that 35 ° C should be transplanted to a cool place in the room, and you can spray some water on the leaves or spray water around the vase to increase the humidity of the air and reduce the temperature; the temperature should be lower than 10 ° C to give the rich bamboo prevention measures in advance.

3. Watering method

Spring is the peak season of rich bamboo, water every two days; summer temperature will become higher, daily Watering must be watered; the weather is relatively dry in autumn, and water can be poured once every three days. In winter, wealthy bamboo will enter the dormant period and pour it once in ten days, but the amount of watering cannot be too much, just keep the soil moist.

3, photosynthesis

The requirements of wealth bamboo are not high in light, it can grow well under astigmatism. Placed in a semi -yin ventilation position, when the sun is strong in summer, it must be appropriately shaded. Rich bamboo should not be infected with diseases, but it is still necessary to prevent preparation during breeding to prevent the diseases infection.