What kind of medicine is used for passion fruit virus disease

When passion fruits suffer from virus disease, the fruit yield of the plant will be reduced. It needs to be sprayed with tapeworms to prevent and control its plants. It can also be cleaned with water, and then sprayed lime disinfection. The resumption of vitality, in fact, can also spray Ningnanicin for the plant to avoid the harm of virus disease.

1. Cycotus 螓

During the growth process of Passion fruit, if the plant suffers from virus disease, it will reduce the fruit yield of the plant, and may even make it even cause The plant is withered and died, and the diseases and leaves need to be cut off first, which can spray tapeworms to prevent and control its plants, prompting the fragrant fruits to gradually resume their vitality.

2. Lime lime

If the passion fruit suffers from virus disease, most of them may be induced by aphids, mites, etc. Harm and strengthen their ventilation management, and need to spray lime disinfection of plants, which can effectively induce lime to suffer from viral disease again.

3. Cordyamine

In fact, when it comes to what kind of medicine for passion fruit virus, it can also spray tapewormine for the plant. , But spray it for each time it should not be excessive, otherwise the plant will stop growing, and it can also make the situation more serious, so you must pay attention when spraying the potion.

4. Ningnandicillin

Whenever its plant is harmed by virus disease, it can also give its plants to the first to maintain fertilizer maintenance to increase the disease resistance of the plant. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation environmental management, and weeds around the peripheral fruit must be treated. It can also spray Ningnanticin every other week, and spray the plants to restore the vitality for a month.