What kind of flowers can be planted at the gate

Many plants are not just for viewing, but some people are to pray for a good feng shui. Generally, the flowers and plants that are common at the door include pomegranate, locust tree, cypress, pine tree, osmanthus tree, jujube, peach blossoms, banyan trees , Elm tree, not only has high ornamental, but also has different wealth meanings.

1. Pomegranate

There is a lot of feng shui at home, so what kind of flowers can be planted at the gate, pomegranate is one of them, its flowering period is in the flowering period, its flowering period is in From May to June of each year, the flowers and leaves are mostly orange -red. They love warm growth environment. Pomegranate seeds have been multi -blessed mascots since ancient times. They are planted at the door more prosperous.

2. The locust tree belongs to the bean family. The locust trees are tall and burly. The petals are mostly white or pale yellow. It is very suitable for the auspicious flowers that are planted at the gate.

3. Tsubaka -chun’s deciduous tree, the flowering period is from May to June, and the color is mostly pale yellow or yellow and white. It is mostly planted in the south. It also has the meaning of recruiting money at home.

4, cypress tree

Ballad tree belongs to the deciduous tree, the four seasons are evergreen, the flowering period is mostly in April, Xiguang is widely distributed in my country, it is a high -quality green tree species. In ancient times It is what poets often praise things, raising the meaning of prosperity at the gate.

5. Pine trees are pine trees, which are relatively cold -resistant. They have a wide range of cultivation in northern my country. There are many types of pine trees and unique shapes. Pine trees are a very auspicious tree species. It is often said that Shoubi Nanshan does not not. Laosong, there is also a saying at the gate.

6. Osmanthus

osmanthus belongs to evergreen shrubs, and the color of the color is mostly pale yellow. Its fragrance is very unique and loved by many people. The flowering period is generally from September to October. Since ancient times, the folks have seen osmanthus as auspiciousness, and the champion of high school has also become u0026 ldquo;

7. The jujube trees and jujube trees belong to the small leaves of the deciduous trees. The flowering period is more than May to July. The food of food has the meaning of early -born noble children, and there is a saying that it is planted at the gate.

8. Peach Blossom

Peach blossoms are mostly pink. The flowering period is generally from March to June. The very auspicious tree species also has a long history and culture in our country, and it is even more prosperous at the gate.

9. The banyan tree banyan tree belongs to the mulberry banyan tree. Its branches are developed, up to 15-25 meters, and the flowering period is 5~ In June, the warm and humid growth environment is widely planted in the south of my country. The banyan tree means glory and wealth, and it means prosperous wealth at the gate.

10. Elm Tree

Elm tree is also called spring elm. The flower and fruit period is generally from March to June.Yu Qian is very similar to the ancient coins in ancient times. There is the meaning of recruiting wealth and Jinbao. It is planted at the gate to pray for a wide range of wealth in the home.