What is the role of Hongzhiyu, which can be used for viewing and purifying the air

Hongzhiyu has high ornamental value. It can usually maintain its potted plants, which can play a role in the decorative environment, and its leaves can increase the humidity of the air and remove harmful gases such as dust and formaldehyde in the air. When desks and other places, it can also alleviate fatigue and also help Feng Shui.

There are four major functions of Hongzhiyu 1. Decoration environment

Hongzhiyu is succulent plant. In the process of breeding Polyly, it will explode the growth of the pot and make it more ornamental. It can usually place its potted plants indoors, which can play a role in the decorative environment and make it full of vitality.

2. Purifying the air

In fact, the leaves of the rain of rain are fleshy, and the root must be woody. Do not pour it in large numbers. Water, otherwise it is easy to rot its roots. It can also increase the moisture of the air and remove the harmful gases such as dust and formaldehyde in the air, which can promote the freshness of the air.

3. Relieve fatigue

When talking about the role of rainbow jade, in general, you can also place the rainbow jade on the desk, and It also has the effect of relieving fatigue in computer desks, bedrooms and other places, which can relax the eyeballs and reduce adverse symptoms such as eye fatigue. It is very suitable for placing rainbow jade indoors.

4. Improve Feng Shui

Hongzhiyu carefully maintained in the sun, which can make its plants constantly explosion. In fact, it also improves Feng Shui The role can remove the indoor evil spirits and soothe the owner’s irritability. It also helps to physical health, and it is very helpful to Feng Shui.