What is the reason why the bamboo leaves are yellow?See if your wrong breeding method is caused!

Both the bamboo branches and the leaves have high ornamental value. One of the problems will have a great impact on the overall ornamental effect. For example, the yellowing of the leaves on yellow on the bamboo is very great, which leads to the hair of the bamboo leaves. What are the reasons for Huang? How can Wenzhu raise yellow leaves? Let’s find out!

Improper watering leads to the cause of yellow leaves. Everyone knows that Wenzhu likes a moist environment, but this does not mean that we must always water the bamboo to keep the pot soil. It is the correct way to pour it through.

If the solution occurs too much, it can be temporarily not watered, and it is switched to the leaf surface to moisturize the bamboo.

Too strong light triggers the cause of yellow leaves. The bamboo is a semi -negative plant. It can be imagined that if it is placed under the strong light, the bamboo will definitely burn the bamboo and the branches and leaves will be yellow.

The solution moves the flowerpot to the cool place, and spray the branches and leaves more to increase the humidity. The evaporation of the water will take away a certain amount of heat, which can cool the bamboo.

Improper temperature triggers the cause of yellow leaves If it is in a lower environment for a long time, it will cause bamboo frostbite. The bamboo is frozen and the metabolism will be slow, which will cause the leaves to yellow.

The solution solution is to let Wenzhu be in an environment of about 15 degrees, and can be appropriately illuminated by astigmatism.

Improper fertilization caused the cause of yellow leaves to cause too much fertilizer or too little, which will lead to some discomfort. If there are too many fertilizers, it will cause burning seedlings. Insufficient nutrition can also cause yellow leaves.

If the solution is too much fertilizer, it is recommended to change the pot immediately and transplant the bamboo to a new environment. Or water immediately, and then move the plant to a bright place with a good ventilation.

If the fertilizer is not enough, it is recommended to increase the fertilizer in appropriate amount and provide the nutrients required for bamboo.

Pests and insect pests caused the cause of yellow leaves to be the most common insect pest in Wenzhu. After giving birth to a garaphs, if you ignore it, the nutrition of Wenzhu itself will be absorbed and cause the leaves, which will also cause the leaves to leave the leaves. Yellow.

Solution should be wiped with wet cloth strips in time when a garaphs were found.

In severe cases, you must go to the pharmacy for prevention and treatment, and change the pot soil in time.

The old residual root can be cut off when changing the pot soil to reduce nutrient consumption.

Gas poisoning caused the cause of yellow leaves to be afraid of smoke and dust. If it is often attacked by harmful gas such as smoke and dust, the poisoning phenomenon of yellow branches and leaves will appear. In addition, such as TV radiation, fire, etc., will also cause yellow leaves of the bamboo.

This happens to the solution. Timely move the flower pots away from the original position and increase the work of water dust removal. Wipe off the dust of the bamboo leaves, orFar away from radiation items such as television.

The temperature in winter caused by the cause of yellow leaves to have a temperature that is suitable for growth. Generally speaking, it is the most suitable between 12-18 ° C. In particular, it should be placed in Xiangyang in the northern winter.If Wenzhu is placed in a place where the ventilation is not smooth and the temperature is too low in winter, it will cause the leaves to yellow.

The temperature of the solution in winter should not be lower than 12 ° C, and it must be placed in a place with better light to reduce watering appropriately.

If the temperature does not meet the requirements, you can use a plastic film to make a simple insulation shed to help Wenzhu cross winter.

Knowing what caused the yellow leaves to be yellowed in the yellow leaves can be better dealt with in a timely manner, so that Wenzhu is always lush and blue clouds overlap!