What is the planting method of the fairy ball? Come and see the breeding skills of the fairy ball!

Fairy balls are common types of family cultivation flowers. The main growth cycle is in summer, and this period is also its flowering period. Generally, it should be cultivated for about 4 years. When the ball diameter reaches about 3 cm, it should be able to bloom. Because the fairy ball can prevent computer radiation, many people like to plant themselves. Today, let’s take a look at what the planting method of fairy ball is.

What is the planting method of the fairy ball 1. You must choose sand and soil instead of dirt. Because of the strong ability to absorb water and stay water, it will lead to rotting the roots of the immortal ball. Do not be filled with the sand of the flower pot at the same time, leaving room for the fairy ball. For beauty, we can also choose some color sand to enrich the whole color.

2. Remove some nutrient mud to remove some of the nutrient mud at the bottom of the fairy ball plant, but leave a small part to continue to provide nutrition to the new plant and enhance the ability of plants to adapt to the new environment. Of course, the movement of mud should not be too rude to avoid damage to the root.

3. If you choose a flower pot, if it is a new flower pot, it is recommended to soak it for 24 hours with water. The flower pot used should have a hole at the bottom to avoid excessive water staying in the pot. At the same time, some broken tiles should be used at the entrance of the cave to avoid water loss too fast, taking away many nutrients, and affecting the growth of plants.

4. Planting into the pot with a small iron shovel in the flower pots that have been placed in sand, dig out a suitable hole, put the immortal ball directly, continue to add sand soil, and slowly fix the sphere. It can shake, even if the planting is completed.

The above is the specific method of planting fairy balls. I believe everyone will learn. But many people will be curious, why not water it? Is the fairy ball really a fairy, does it need water to grow? Let’s look at it.

Watering matters planting cactus in order to avoid the rotten roots of newly planted fairy balls. It is recommended not watering when newly planted. Just ensure that spray 3 times a day. Water can slowly increase the amount of watering until January.

This is the method of fairy ball planting introduced today, sand, flower pots, and nutritional soil, which are intertwined. At the same time, pay attention to the special requirements of fixed spheres and watering. The fairy ball is not a problem.