What are the methods and precautions for peony? It turns out that these are knowledge that needs to be paid attention to by breeding peony!

We all know that the peony as a Chinese national flower. Its flowers bloom and gorgeous. In addition to high ornamental value, it also has medicinal value. It is loved by flower friends. Among them, Luoyang’s peony is the most famous. As the development of the times has become more and more, many people have joined the planting army, so do you know what the method of breeding of peony is? Next, I will take everyone to see.

The breeding method of peony soil peony likes fertile and deeper soil, and the drainage ability is better. If it is used as a pot, it can be cultivated with general cultivation soil. It has no higher requirements for the pH value but the best is neutral.

The temperature peony is more cold -resistant, but it is not high. In East China and other areas, peony flowers can see the high cold resistance in the open field. We need to know that peony flowers do not bloom when the temperature is low.

Sunshine peony is a very accustomed to the sun, so we need to pay attention to the choice of the sun as much as possible, which is conducive to its growth.

It is obviously not enough to understand the planting method of peony. Next, I will take you to continue to understand its breeding precautions. The precautions for breeding peony Peony, as a green plant with strong flowering and appreciation, its daily management needs special attention. First of all, peony watering should not be much, and it generally does not water in winter. In summer, pour a small amount of water, and then we need to apply an appropriate amount of fertilizer in the growth period of peony to help it grow healthy.

After we understand the basic peony breeding methods and precautions, we can know that peony has requirements for water, soil, temperature and humidity, etc. At the same time, Peony, as the king of flowers, has a variety of varieties. According to different differential methods, it can be divided into different types, but roughly speaking, peony can be divided into three types of twelve types. I will introduce a few briefly for you.

Peony varieties are relatively large, and each size is similar.

Chrysanthemum -type editor believes that this kind of peony is the most beautiful. The petals are arranged neatly and orderly, with clear layers, and gradually becoming smaller from the inside out. It is a common variety.

Okay, this is the knowledge of peony breeding methods and precautions that Xiaobian explained to you today. Do you remember? Xiaobian also briefly introduced the variety of peony. In the future, in the future, in the future Do you know if you see this kind of peony?