Tree -eyed lotus planting method

The breeding tree -eye lotus should choose a loose and fertile soil. It has high requirements for fertilizer, and thin fertilizers should be applied during the growth period. Usually, fertilizer can be applied once a week. If the temperature is high in summer, you can dilute the fertilizer with water. The tree -eyed lotus will release oxygen at night, which can absorb dust and harmful gases in the air. The value is high.

Tree Eye Lotus Planting Method 1. Prepare soil

Tree Eye Lotus belongs to pendant plants, which often climb on the wall to grow. What is the planting method of the tree -eyed lotus? First of all, the loose and fertile soil must be mixed with the soil, the soil of the corrupt leaves, the soil, and the perlite. New soil is sufficient.

2. Fertilization method

Tree eye lotus has higher requirements for fertilizer. Usually, nitrogen fertilizer and cake fertilizer are mainly based on the growth period. Essence Under normal circumstances, fertilizer is applied once a week, and water is poured every half a month. In summer, you can dilute the fertilizer with water in summer to avoid fertilizer damage to damage to the root system of tree lotus lotus.

3. Control temperature

The breeding tree eye lotus can control the temperature at 18-28 ° C, and the temperature is higher than 35 ° C. It will enter the dormant period. In winter, the tree -eyed lotus should be transplanted indoors in advance to take cold prevention measures. Tree -eyed lotus is suitable for planting in a cool and ventilated environment. If it is in a dark and humid environment for a long time, it is easy to cause disease.

4. Use value

Tree eye lotus has a high use value as the eye lotus. It will also absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen at night. Can absorb harmful gases in the air. Dry the leaves of the tree -eyed lotus and drink tea, which has the function of clearing heat. Breeding tree -eye lotus at home can purify the air and optimize the mood.