The pruning method of the bamboo!With these, do you still use it to trim bamboo hair?

If the bamboo breeding method is proper, the growth is very happy, the growth rate is very fast, and some can grow to 2-3 meters high, even higher than this. If the space is appropriate, then there may be a piece of your head. The green sky, but the home is rarely allowed to grow like this, then it needs to be trimmed regularly to maintain a good form, which is conducive to viewing and easy management. So how to trim it? The following four seasons of plant network will introduce the pruning method of Wenzhu. Everyone must master it!

The pruning method of Wenzhu has been raised from childhood to large, and the pruning is also a full set. The tender green branches grow to a certain height, and the top can be removed.

The lack of adulthood in the growth period of the growth period enters the growth period, which will cause the leaves at the top of the branch to grow unsatisfactory due to the different maintenance environment. At this time, the main branches can be shortened at this time. Pay attention to the side buds on the branches, don’t cut it off at will.

The bamboo and bamboo born in 1 to 2 years have grown for several years, and it has basically been shaped, but it will be gone around but many new branches will inevitably be messy. Because there are many branches, uneven thickness growth, trimming is necessary.

In order to ensure the beauty of the plant type, some too thick and too slender branches are cut short. The re -growing branches are cut too messy to ensure that each branch grows upright.

The bamboo, which has grown for 3 years for 3 to 4 years, will gradually grow into vines. Such branches are slender and weak. Disposal from the root. If the shortage of the branches after cutting is cut off, short -cutting can be performed in a certain position.

If Wenzhu has been raised for 3 or 4 years, it has not been trimmed at a time. The vines are clustered and flowered. Such plants are not trimmed in time and are not suitable for watching indoors.

During the maintenance process, the poorly growing bamboo and bamboo dweller due to the effects of light, temperature, and lack of fertilizer will cause the luster of the leaves to decrease or even withered. At this time, the whole plant is updated.

All the leaves of the leaf -shaped branches are cut off, especially the part of the yellow and withered part of the disease. After trimming, reducing watering (Wenzhu is reduced due to the reduction of the leaves, and the ability to absorb water will also be reduced) to ensure that the pot soil is dry and not hot, otherwise it will lead to the death of Wenzhu.

Wenzhu’s lazy pruning method is how bold the legal person is controlled, how big the land is, how big the flower pot is, and the big length of the bamboo. During the growth of Wenzhu, it can be trimmed according to the size of the flower pot. The proportion of flower pots to the plant can be controlled at 1: 3. This can not only control the growth of the root system, but also ensure that the plant type is in a stable state for a long time.

The removal of the growth point is actually not necessarily 20-30 cm to trim, regardless of whetherThe length is tall, as long as the side buds are controlled.

When the new buds grow to 2 ~ 3 cm, the growth points (that is, the top buds at the top) can not only promote the branches and long leaves on the stems.Short and strong, the growing branches and leaves are flat, and the plant types are constantly plump.

The use of Wenzhu’s light is not actually a knife.Flower friends often trim because the length of the bamboo and the length of the branches will be trimmed. In fact, it is completely unnecessary.During the maintenance process, the flower pot in a timely manner allows every corner of the bamboo to fully accept the light, and the uniform part will slowly grow.

The pruning method of Wenzhu is introduced to everyone. If you want to get more related content of Wenzhu farming, please pay attention to us!