The meaning of Xifan Lotus, the vision and cherish time of love

Many people do not know the morals of Xifan lotus. In fact, it has three common meanings, cherish time, and Jesus suffering, and has its own legend and source. You can usually give it to your lover and lover to express his longing for his love, or to give friends and colleagues to hope that he can cherish time, or give it to religious believers and hope that the other party can firmly believe in religion.

1. Three meanings of Xifan Lotus 1, longing for love

West lotus lotus has the meaning of flower language, so the meaning of the Lotus of Xifan Lotus It also has the meaning of love. It sources a legendary story. Xiba Lotus was originally a daughter during the day and only appeared during the day, but one day fell in love with the man who only appeared in the night, and he looked forward to his encounter with the man.

2. Cherish time

The appearance of Xilian lotus is very similar to the clock, so it is also called a clock flower in Japan. It has cherished time to cherish time The moral. It can be given away to indicate that the time will be gone. I hope that the other party can cherish the existing time and live up to every inch of time.

3. Jesus suffered

Jesus’s suffering is also a moral of Western Lotus, which is used by religion of many countries as a symbol of religious beliefs. There are ten petals on the flowers, which happened to be the ten disciples of Jesus, and the flowers and stamens are the wounds on Jesus. The three flower stigma symbolizes the nails nail on it when Jesus suffered.

Second, three kinds of people suitable for West Fan Lotus 1. Lovers and lover

Because of the longing of West Lotus For lovers and loved ones, express their longing for their longing, hoping to see the people they like every day, and can never be separated from the other party, expressing a warm love and expectation.

2. Friends and colleagues

You can also give Xifan lotus to your friends and colleagues, borrow its appearance similar to the clock Friends and colleagues should cherish time, do not waste the great years at this time, be able to use every minute to complete their career and make their lives more fulfilling.

3. Religious believer

West Yilian, as a religious symbol of Jesus, can also be given to religious believers for preaching. It can show that it has the power of Jesus and can bring magical power and luck to the believers. I hope that believers can maintain their enthusiasm and belief in religion.