The indoor plants are placed in feng shui, and the balcony can be placed with spike plants

There is a certain amount of feng shui in the placement of plants in the room. Generally speaking, indoor plants are placed with feng shui and location. The balcony is suitable for plants such as keels and other spike plants, which can be removed. Wangcai Naifu; the bedroom can be placed in a lily to help sleep and regulate the relationship between the husband and wife; the gate is placed with fortune trees and other wealth; , Help bring good feng shui.

1. The balcony (spike plant)

Pay attention to different plants in the indoor plant in Feng Shui. For the balcony, it is an indoor and indoor and The outside world connects the channels of the fortune, so you can place spikes with spikes, such as cactus, keel, etc., which will play a good feng shui effect of Yin Yin.

2. The living room (Wangcai Plant)

The living room is a place where people often gather and talk, which is very suitable for plants that have some prosperous wealth and have auspicious meaning. Such as the fortune tree, happiness tree, orange tree, rich bamboo, etc., can help the indoor wealth enhancement, and will strengthen people’s blessings and make the fortune better.

3, bedroom (sleep aid plant)

People sleep more in the bedroom, so pay attention to plants that help sleep and regulate interpersonal relationships in the bedroom, For example, Clivia, Lily Flower, Schilan, etc. are a good choice. They release oxygen at night, which makes the air fresh and helps sleep, and also helps the emotional coordination between husband and wife.

4. Gate (recruiting plant)

In fact, the gate and balcony are exported to the outside world. Therefore Fortune trees and other plants are placed here. In addition, in order to prevent the invasion of evil spirits, the placement of fishtail sunflowers, brown bamboo, etc. also have a good effect.

5. Study (awakened plant)

The study is a place for work and study. People need to keep a sober mind here, so in the study room, you can in the study room. Plants that help God, such as bamboo, rich bamboo, etc., can not only allow people to think better, but also have a good meaning of rising, which will make people academic progress and career rise.


陰氣最重的衛生間,則適合擺放一些可以很好的除陰納污的植物,比如黃金葛、 Plants and other plants such as banyan can remove the yin in the bathroom and bring good fortune Feng Shui. Be careful not to place prosperous wealth plants, because it will cause wealthy hedging, and may even make people break the wealth.