The difference between the jade brocade of the rainbow and the rain of Hongzhi, the four methods are divided into two

Most of the leaves of Hongzhiyujin are green, but the upper end has pink. Every year in the summer, it can bloom the lilac -shaped flowers of the lotus. Too frequent, the leaves of the rainbow jade are green. The annual blooming in the end of winter and early spring, generally the cylindrical yellow -red flowers can be bloomed. The cold resistance is relatively cold. Essence

The four differences between the jade brocade of Hongzhijin and the rain of Hongzhiyu 1. Different leaves


Jin and Hongzhi’s jade are succulent plants, and they are all plants of the same family. The forms of the two are particularly similar, but there are still certain differences. The leaves of the rainbow jade are similar, but the leaves are green as a whole.

2. Flower period differences


In fact, in the difference between the jade brocade of the rainbow There is also a big difference in the flowering period of the person. When it is carefully maintained under normal circumstances, it is about the summer of the summer.

3. Flower form


Under normal circumstances The form of flowers blooming is also very different. The flowers of the jade brocade of the rainbow are generally a lotus seat, and the flowers are light purple -red. of.

4. Growth habits


The names of the rainbow Jade and Hongzhiyu are particularly similar, but they But it is not the same plant, and their growth habits are also different. The drought resistance of Hongzhijin is relatively strong. Sun protection is good at high temperature in summer. There is no need to water it frequently. In winter, low temperatures control it above 5 ° C.