The breeding method and precautions of the bamboo!It is not difficult to have a good way to raise Wenzhu!

As the name suggests, the bamboo is related to “Wen”. Because its branches are like bamboo but not bamboo, it is not bamboo. Compared with the upright bamboo, its plant type is elegant and lush. Therefore, it is also known as the “elegant bamboo” and “Yunzhu”. The embellishment hall is more elegant and quiet, and the root of the bamboo can also be used as medicine. Just look at the following content.

The most suitable growth temperature of Wenzhu’s breeding method The temperature and environment of bamboo are about 20 ° C, and the temperature guarantee temperature is above 10 ° C. If the temperature is too low, frost damage may occur. When the weather is too cold in winter, you can put a layer of plastic film on the outside of the potted plant to warm up.

The higher the humidity of the air, the better. When the weather is hot, the ground and leaves around the plants are often sprinkled with water to increase the air humidity.

The soil soil should be loose and fertile.

Wenzhu has high requirements for the drainage and breathability of the soil. It is best to choose soils rich in humus soil and peat soil rich in humus. Add a little organic fertilizer as base fertilizer to the soil, which is beneficial to the growth of plants.

The environment of the light of the bamboo is the half -yin environment, it is best to put it indoors with astigmatism. Except for winter, the rest of the season should not be placed in the sun in the sun, especially in summer. Because the sun is poisonous, branches and leaves will burn branches and leaves. Generally speaking, if spring, summer, and autumn are placed in the sun, 60 % should be covered.

Watering bamboo is a meat root, and watering needs to be cautious. Each watering should be poured through, and you cannot pour half -cut water, so as to avoid the rhizomes from absorbing the water and death. The amount of watering should not be too much or less, and it should be reasonable. When the pot soil is slightly dry, watering needs to be watered in time. “See the dry and pour”.

The weather is cold in winter and the water evaporates slowly. The amount of watering should be reduced to avoid frostbite root stems. The indoor dries should be sprayed with water in time to increase the humidity of the air.

The fertilization period can be fertilized once every half a month, and liquid fertilizer can be applied in conjunction with watering. However, fertilization should be stopped during the dormant period of high temperature and low temperature in winter.

Plants must have sufficient nutrient growth when they are young, but they must also reduce the amount of fertilization after the planting, so as not to affect the plant -shaped beauty.

The management of the four seasons of the four seasons of the bamboo breeding spring and spring is the appropriate period of Wenzhu’s pot.

The spring bamboo grows vigorously, which can be picked up 1-2 times to enhance fertility. At the same time, ensure sufficient water, pay attention to increase the humidity of the air.

The light in summer and summer is strong, and the bamboo should be placed in the room where the light is bright, but it is not directly illuminated. You can sprinkle water to keep the pot soil moist; at the same time, strengthen ventilation. Summer is the dormant period of Wenzhu, and fertilization should be stopped.

In the beginning of autumn and autumn, Wenzhu has returned to growth. Pay attention to the increase in water fertilizer and air humidityadd.

At the end of autumn, the temperature decreased, and the growth of Wenzhu began to be slow. The indoor temperature should be kept and the bamboo is moved to the window with light. At the same time, reduce the number of watering times.

Winter bamboo is not cold -tolerant, and the temperature will cause deciduous leaves below 5 ° C, which affects beauty and growth. Therefore, a certain room temperature should be guaranteed in winter, and it can ensure that it can spend the dormant period. A certain light should be guaranteed to reduce watering and stop fertilization.

Precautions for Zhizhu farming 1. Winter bamboo in the north cannot be cultivated outdoors. You should move the bamboo into the room in time to provide a warm growth environment.

2. Wenzhu cannot be watered too frequently, and it can be wet by spraying the leaf surface. Spray water 1-2 times a day in summer; spray water once every 3-4 days in winter.

3. Do not use tap water to water directly. Release it in advance for 1-2 days to release the chlorine gas in the water, etc. to ensure that the water temperature will not be too cold.

4. Apply a thin fertilizer every week in spring and autumn, it is best to apply composite flower fertilizer. Do not apply fertilizer, if you want to apply home fertilizer, you can use it full fermentation.

5. Wenzhu does not like smoke and dust. If you use coal stoves in winter, you need to ensure proper ventilation.

6. Wenzhu should be trimmed in time. Too secret branches will affect ventilation and reduce the value of ornamental. There are too many evil roots and should be divided into pots in time.

The above is the relevant content of the bamboo breeding. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the future. More content, all in the Four Seasons Botanical Network!