Spring flowers can live for a few years

As long as the Spring Flower needs to be in place, it can usually survive for a long time. It is a flower plant with high ornamental value. The main breeding method of spring flowers is cutting and sowing methods. Breeding newspaper spring flowers need to provide sufficient light. In winter, plants can resist the low temperature above zero, but when the temperature is lower than zero, it should be moved to indoor breeding.

Spring flowers can live for a long time

Spring flower is also called cherry blossoms. It is a typical green flower plant. It is usually a few years in the rewarding flowers. Many people know that many people know Newspaper is a two -year plant. It is thought that it can only survive for two years. In fact, as long as it is well -maintained, the newsletter can be cultivated for a long time, but generally two years later, the Spring Flower grows slowly, so most of the flower buddies have only been cultivated for about two years.

Spring flowers often use cuttings and sowing methods, but because the seeds of rewarding the spring flowers are small and their life span is very short, because the cutting method is often selected to reproduce. Healthy branches can be used as cuttings. After the cuttings are successful, you can water a small amount. Wet the soil so that the branches can better absorb water through the soil, which is conducive to rooting.

Breaking flowers from February to May each year, the flowering period is lasting, the color is colorful, commonly pink, orange, red and white, etc. Open, the scene is very spectacular.

Spring Flower likes to grow in a warm and humid environment, the most suitable growth temperature is 15 degrees, and the temperature of the spring flower in winter should be moved to indoor warmth when the temperature below zero is below zero. , Avoid the growth of frostbite.