Spring flower breeding method and precautions

The rewarding flower mainly uses cuttings and sowing methods. When sowing, it is necessary to choose seeds of healthy insectless pests, which can effectively improve the seed germination rate. Cuttings need to choose healthy branches. After cutting, you can water a small amount. After growing, you can allow the plant to receive the morning light to promote the photosynthetic effect of the plant, but to avoid high temperature in time.

1. The reproduction method of rewarding flowers 1. Sowing reproduction

Spring flower is a kind of flower plant with high ornamental value. It has a lot of breeding in China in my country. Base, what are the methods and precautions and precautions for spring flowers, first of all, spring flowers often use sowing reproduction. Pay attention to the selection of healthy and full seeds for sowing, which can better improve the seed survival rate.

2. Cutting reproduction

You need to choose healthy and stout branches before the cutting report of spring flowers, which can greatly increase cutting survival rate. Generally, cuttings are best. Choose in autumn. At this time, the temperature is appropriate, and the survival rate of branches is higher. We can use tools to insert a small hole in the soil before cutting, then insert the branches, and then water it appropriately. Wait for the branches to germinate.

2. Precautions for the breeding of spring flowers 1. Avoid high temperature

Spring blossoms need to avoid high temperature during summer maintenance. However, it is easy to cause the plant to grow slowly at high temperatures for a long time, and the branches are dry and yellow. Therefore, the summer breeding needs to be moved to ventilation, which can allow the plant to receive the light morning and evening light and promote the differentiation of flower buds.

2. Fertilization management

During the period of the spring flower seedlings, it should be performed at a low concentration of fertilization every 10 days. Quickly enter the period of growth, so the number of fertilizers is needed appropriately, and nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to promote strong growth of branches and leaves. In the later period of growth, phosphate fertilizer can be increased and plants are better blooming.