Rich bamboo generally inserts a few auspiciously

Rich bamboo is generally the most auspicious to plug in 6 branches, which can achieve the best feng shui effect of recruiting wealth. If 1 branch is inserted, it will seem to be more hanging. 2 to 3 rich and rich bamboo will not achieve the best role. 6, it will be relatively extra, and it is not conducive to the growth of wealthy bamboo, and it is easy to make it yellow and wither.

Rich bamboo generally inserts 6 most auspiciousness

Fugui bamboo can also be called Wanshou Bamboo and Kaiyun Bamboo. It has a strong adaptability to the environment. Planting rich bamboo, but many people do not know that wealth bamboo is generally inserted a few auspicious. In fact, wealthy bamboo is generally the most auspicious.

A wealthy bamboo inserting 1 branch appears to be a single hanging, and the effect of Feng Shui is not particularly obvious. Fortune, four rich bamboo represents the meaning of academic success, and 6 rich bamboo can achieve the best results.

If wealthy bamboo cuttings exceed 6, it will appear more excess, and the roots of rich bamboo grows faster. The messy, unable to grow normally in the water, and yellow withered phenomenon, at this time, will play the opposite.

Five wealthy bamboo can usually be planted on the balcony, coffee table and other places, so that it can get enough light, so that the rich bamboo grows strong, and it can also decorate the decoration The role of the environment and purification of the air can actually be based on their hobbies and wealthy bamboo.