Purple spot peony big picture!Purple spotted peony, the beautiful scenery growing on the northwest!

Liu Yuxi once wrote: “There is a good color of this city, and the flowers are released in the evening.” It is described as peony. Since ancient times, there have been countless literati Mo Ke for the style of peony. Today we are going to introduce one of the peony-purple spot peony. I believe many friends have just seen it, but I do n’t know its name. Close to purple spotted peony together!

Purple spotted peony is not like red peony with grace and luxurious, delicate and gorgeous flowers, nor like white peony. The purple spotted peony has a flawed beauty. There are some dark purple marks on the white flowers. It has a charm. It is what the literati and Mo Ke are looking for the lack of the avenue and the nature of the law. No courage, dare to call heaven and earth into the sea. Entering the temple without being trapped in the temple and not dyed the rivers and lakes, the style of purple spotted peony can be described as unique!

In addition to the unique temperament, the purple spotted peony also has the six characteristics of this body

] 1. Cold resistance

Purple spot peony is very cold-resistant and can grow normally at low temperature and bad in low temperature at -43 ° C

2. Drought resistance

Purple spot peony is mainly mainly The production area is concentrated in Gansu, and the annual rainfall in Gansu is extremely rare. At this time, the purple spotted peony can not only grow normally, but also bloom proudly and the flowering effect is spectacular.

3. Plants are high

The body shape of the purple spotted peony is the concept of a tree. At 4 meters, the Central Plains Peony cannot reach this height at all.

4. The fragrance is strong

The fragrance of the purple spotted peony flowers can reach the fragrance of the ten flowers of the Central Plains Peony. 123] 5. The aging speed is slow

The aging speed of the purple spotted peony plant is slow, which can cultivate the ancient trees that grow into a century -old and millennium peony. In an artificial peony garden, there is a 500 -year -old ornamental peony king.

6. Rich color

Purple spot peony has a variety of colors, such as white, pink, red, purple, black, yellow, blue and compound color, etc. Peony symbolizes the meaning of glory and wealth!

Purple spot peony not only has a high value, it is also very cold, and the flowering effect is very spectacular. For the garden as an ornamental plant, it can be configured with different garden plants, which can beautify the environment. Even the fragrance of the purple peony has the effect of cure. The fragrance of one flower can reach the aroma of ten Zhongyuan peony!