On peony culture and peony poems: peony high -definition pictures appreciation!

“Whoever does not love peony flowers, occupy a good thing in the city. It is suspected to be the masterpiece of the Luochuan, and it is a thousand stance.” Tang people Xu Ning’s poem “Peony” just outlines the charm of peony, and tastes carefully. In addition to you, you can’t help but add a bit of nostalgia for peony. If it is said that in the eyes of the Tang Dynasty Liu Yuxi, it is still “the only peony is true, and the flowers are moving in the city during the flowering season.” “”.

When the peony is open, the spring is going, the flowers are grateful, and the handsome, graceful and luxurious peony is naturally more charming. The Tang Renpi said: “The disabled red beginning of the red, the name is called the Baihua King. It is the first incense of the world to exaggerate the world.”

color gorgeous is the main characteristic of peony, The more common colors are red, white, yellow -purple, and black. If you collect one place, it is enough to make people dazzling. Those who write white peony are Pan Bubu’s “Last Night Last Night, only the water is like the water, only the Yao Island Jixian is true”; those who wrote black peony, Cheng Xianzhen’s “Spring smoke cage treasure ink, it seems difficult to enter the night”; There are a few people who have a few ways to refurbish Luoyang Ming, suspecting that the flowers are blossoming. “Wang Yutou chanting Zhu Hong’s peony poems are even more stylish:” Wan Dan looks at the neon, what is only one monk Xuan. It should be Wu Guan’s singing and dancing, and Shi Shi was drunk and drunk. “

The flowers are huge and the crown of the crown, which is also the extraordinary place of peony. Liu Yuxi said: There are more than a thousand flowers, there are this flower in the world, and the color is seen today, and it is not to the family.” In addition, the peony is still One characteristic is the rich flavor. The poem of the Tang Dynasty Li Zhengfeng “National Sex Charming Jiu, Tianxiang Night Dyed”, is the image summary of the characteristics of peony.

In fact, the reason why peony is loved is that the name of Hua Kao is that it has a kind of unscaying charm and extraordinary character. It is gorgeous but not demon, fragrant but not fierce. The poem of the “Peony” of the Qing Dynasty Sun Xingyan was written like this: “The fragrance is natural and natural, and it is planted into the building. The word “Xie” is the most wonderful question of peony.