Little Lihua’s breeding method and precautions

Xiaolihua should choose a loose and breathable acidic soil planting, keep the growth temperature of 15-22 ° C to ensure that about 8 hours of light per day. Pour water once every 2 days and apply fertilizer once every 15 days. Proper trimming is conducive to plant branches and growth. It is necessary to reproduce the method of sub -plants to maintain the plants and prevent the prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests.

1. The breeding method of Xiaolihua

1. Acid soil

Xiaolihua cultivated acid soil with loose and breathable and well -drained when breeding. You can make the garden soil, peat soil, and cornic residue according to the ratio of 4: 4: 2 to make a mixed soil. Before planting, spread a layer of bottom fertilizer in the soil to ensure the growth of the plant growth.

2. Temperature and light

A suitable temperature and sufficient light, playing a very important role in Xiaolihua’s breeding methods and precautions. Xiaolihua is cool and cool, and the temperature should be maintained at 15-22 ° C.

Flowing plants have a large demand for light, so Xiaolihua must ensure that light of about 8 hours a day when breeding, which is conducive to the growth and opening of flowers and the number of flowers.

3. Management of water and fertilizer

Xiaolihua usually poured water once every 2 days. Do not pour more will cause rotten roots. When the temperature is high in summer and its flowering period, it is necessary to increase the intake of moisture in an appropriate amount.

Because the plant branches are dense, Xiaolihua has greater demand for fertilizer. Except for the soil on the soil before planting, except for the rest of the summer, the fertilizer is basically every 15 days.

2. Precautions for Xiaolihua

1. Sub -cutting leaves
When Xiaolihua is still growing, in order to promote branches and adjust plant plant types , Make pruning and leaves. In addition, in daily maintenance, the trimming and finishing of dead branches and yellow leaves are also essential.

2. Prevention and treatment of pests and insect pests

Xiaolihua’s disease is mainly white powder, blue blight, etc., and found that it should be sprayed immediately and water. Lihua’s moth found the enemy backworm to spray and kill immediately.

3. Propagation method

The breeding method of Xiaolihua has three types: sub -, split and cuttings. Generally, the breeding method of the branch is selected. Pay attention not to hurt the ball when removing the ball, and use the disinfection tools to be divided, and the incision should be applied to the bacterial spirit or plant ash to avoid infection.