Is raw eggs buried in the flower pot?

In order to make their cultivated plants grow more lush, they tried to find some recipes to supplement nutrition to plants. There is a saying that eggs can be fertilized by the people, and there are also saying that buried raw eggs in flower pots is conducive to plant growth and development. So, is raw egg buried in the flower pot? Is there any impact?

1. Raw eggs are buried in the flowerpot

Many flower friends have heard of raw eggs in the flower pots recently. Let the plants grow better and the flowers bloom more gorgeous, so they started to test at home. But from a scientific perspective, is raw egg buried in the flowerpot?

In fact, it is possible to bury raw eggs in the flower pot. The method is also very simple. First of all, find a raw egg, then break it, pay attention to the state of cracking, but it is not broken. At this time, it is the best. Then put it in a flower pot. It is best to have a diameter of more than 15 cm in diameter, the bigger the better.

It should be noted that a layer of soil should be installed in the pot soil, then put the cracked eggs in, and finally buried the soil. Don’t let the eggs on the bottom of the pot, and don’t let it directly contact the plant root system. Because at the bottom of the flower pot, during the process of growing, the eggs will slowly deteriorate and rot, becoming the fertilizer of the plant root, which is slowly absorbed by the plant.

Many flower friends are worried about raw eggs buried in flower pots, can the entire egg buried in the soil and raised flowers? It is good for plants. Some flower friends will be curious, can raw eggs be used as flower fertilizers, but it is also possible, so the role of raw eggs has a lot of benefits! Don’t waste it.