Is passion fruit trees or vines

The fruits of passion fruit are usually very common, and it is not a tree. It is a grassy grassy plant plant in Xifan Lotus. In the process of breeding, whenever the seedlings are sowed to 20-30cm, they need to be maintained and maintained. And in winter, it needs to be given to it, and it needs to give it sufficient light, otherwise it will reduce the fruit output of the plant.

Passion fruit is a grass vine plant

Passion fruit is very common in normal life. It likes to grow in a moist environment. In fact, it is a grass vine plant, which is generally breeding In the process, it needs to be carefully maintained in the sun. If the plant lacks light, it will not only easily induce pest and insect harm, but also reduce the output of the fruit.

When it comes to whether the passion fruit is a tree or a vine, when the passion fruit usually sows and reproduces it, it is necessary to wait for its seedlings to grow to 20-30cm, and you need to settle it for it. , Make the branches climbingly climb. If it is not settled by it, the branches will grow in land, which will affect the normal growth of the plant.

In fact, the heat resistance and drought resistance of Passion fruit are also relatively strong. In the process of breeding, you need to keep the soil slightly humid. It makes it better to grow, and the trimming needs to be shaded and sunscreen, and it needs to be maintained in the winter to prevent the peas of fruit from frostbite and reduce the output of its fruits.

Passion fruit is a plant that likes nutrients. In the process of potted planting, it is necessary to water and fertilize and maintain it in time. If the fertilizer is not applied in time, the fruit will not only grow very small, but also cause the plant to grow poorly.