Introduction to the type of fairy ball! Take you to know all kinds of fairy balls, and enter the world of fairy balls!

Fairy balls, almost everyone knows, and is also a kind of succulent loved by flower buds, because the fairy ball is very easy to feed, regardless of a few months, they can be healthy and healthy. However, in fact, what we call the fairy ball is just the tip of the iceberg in the type of fairy ball. There are many types of fairy balls. Let ’s take a look at it below!

The type of fairy ball 1. Golden Amber is also called yellow thorn. Jin Hu, as the name suggests, is yellow, but there is a white thorns in the variant that extended from it, and the spines of the white thorns are white.

Wild Jin Hu is an extremely endangered rare fairy ball, so it is also a very rare type of fairy ball.

Second, Yu Weng Yopeng, a fairy sphere, is bright green, with a height of less than 20 cm, with white hairs. The most attractive part of Yu Weng may be that it will bloom a small pink bell flower in spring, and it is very cute around the spherical spherical of the fairy ball.

3. Red Plum Hall of Red Plum Hall is more common, and has great Feng Shui effects in the traditional Feng Shui science in my country, which is regarded as auspicious plants. Therefore, many people like to cultivate at home at home. For a red plum hall, its tenacious vitality also expresses its positiveness on feng shui, using health, showing safety and peace of mind.

There are many types of fairy balls, and the three words are endless, but if you want to grow a fairy ball, the method is still similar. Let’s introduce the method of planting the fairy ball!

The fairy ball In general, the fairy ball is still very easy to feed, and even a few months ignore it, it can survive. But effective “plant killers” do not understand plants, and even stubborn plants such as fairy balls will die in their hands. In fact, paying attention to the following points, the fairy ball is not easy to be planted.

1. Lighting of the immortal ball Xiyang, you need to grow in a place with sufficient sunlight, but you must not expose the sun. The exposure will slow down the growth rate of the immortal ball, which makes the immortal ball grow slowly or even dysplasia.

2. The water volume of the fairy ball should not be more water, because most fairy balls are native to the desert area, and their roots have a strong water absorption capacity. Therefore, if it is excessive watering, it will cause the root of the fairy ball to ulcerate and cause death.

3. Since the soil is native to the desert area, its best soil is sandy soil. However, the water in the sandy soil evaporates quickly, so it is necessary to put a layer of soil in the sand soil, so that the soil water can be kept, and it is not necessary to water it often.

There are many types of fairy balls, and the editor will not introduce them one by one. Friends who want to continue to understand can continue to study in depth. You will find that the world of the fairy ball is really colorful. In addition, if you want to plant a fairy ball, you must pay attention to the above points, otherwise the tenacious fairy ball will beRaise it!