How to water the bamboo in winter? Watering in winter can be watered to raise the bamboo to keep it in four seasons!

Wenzhu is warm and not resistant to cold, so how to raise bamboo in winter is the focus of bamboo breeding. How to water the bamboo in winter is the focus of winter bamboo breeding. Improper watering will cause many bamboo leaves to yellow. The roots are rotten and other issues, so the method of watering in winter in winter must attract our attention. Let’s take a look at how winter bamboo is watered!

How to water the bamboo in winter. Watering Don’t too much. Although Wenzhu likes to moist, the water in the pot soil in winter is slow. If too much watering, the bamboo leaves are not easy to rot, but also the yellow leaves or even wither. Therefore, water can be poured every two to three days in winter, and the flower pots should be placed in a warm place with sunlight.

2. Spray the water and sprinkle water. Because the leaves are very small, the dry air in the winter room will make the leaves yellow due to dehydration. Therefore, spray water on the bamboo leaves or sprinkle water around the flower pots to form a humid small climate area around the flower pot. In this way, not only can we prevent Wenzhu and yellow leaves, but it will also make the bamboo bamboo grow beautiful.

I introduce to you how to water the bamboo winter in winter, so how long should we pour the water in daily breeding bamboo? Let me introduce the water. In fact, this plant does not have a specific water method. We usually judge when to water according to the climate and their growth. At the same time, there are other factors, such as the size of the flower pot, the amount of soil, and so on. In general, it can be judged according to the wet and wet of the soil. If you water it in a state of not dry, it is easy to cause too much watering, so that the root will be affected. Therefore, when the soil is dried, every time you water it, you can moisturize the soil. Except for hot summer, it is best to pour water twice a week, and water can be watered in other seasons for ten days.

Environment and hydrological bamboo prefer to be cool, and placed in some smooth air positions are not only beautiful but also suitable for their growth. Proper watering makes the flower pot always maintain a reasonable humid state. Generally, all the soil on the surface of the flower pot can be wet. If you have an elegant love, you can also gently spray some water mist on the bamboo. In order to allow the bamboo to grow faster and more lush, some organic fertilizers can be applied in moderation.

Supplementing nutrients, the growth of Wenzhu naturally accelerates. At this time, we must often trim some weak branches and dead branches that have grown weakly, slow development, and leave the plants with strong growth. It looks more beautiful. In some places, the bamboo is planted into the barrel made of bamboo. This method ensures its ability to transmit water and can better retain water. The effect is very good.

How to water the bamboo farming is indeed important, everyone remember to collect it!