How to trim the spikes

Generally, when the vines grow to about 60 cm, it can be tipped, and it can be cut off directly. This is conducive to its later branches. Loser, they can be trimmed on a regular basis, which is conducive to its growth.

The method of trimming the tip of the vine

When breeding Piacanium vines, you can spike it according to its growth, usually when it grows above 60 cm, it can be used directly. Just cut off the top part. The tip is conducive to its branches, so that it can grow more branches in the later period, bloom more flowers, and the plants that are usually tipped will grow very dense.

Fragrant vine will inevitably have some residual branches when they grow. The flowers and buds are cut directly. Other excess residual branches and yellow leaves can be trimmed regularly, which is more conducive to its later growth and will not affect its normal flowering.

Fragrant vine must not only strip and repair, but also give it a suitable growth environment to make it grow better. In the winter, when the temperature is too low, it should be kept warm. The fragrant vine is more like the sun, and it can grow in the environment of half -day or full -day sun.

Usually you can appropriately apply fertilizer before the pruning and its flowering period, which can promote its growth, which is conducive to faster flowering. Plants that like water can be watered frequently. The frequency of the frequency of once a day in summer is the best, so that its growth will be very good.