How to raise Zhuzhu?These four tricks have learned to ensure that your bamboo is growing and stronger!

Many friends who have raised flowers and plants have felt this way. Other people’s plants are always better than their children as they are. Other people’s bamboo is so strong, but their own family is always half -dead. In the state, the leaves fell yellow and dropped, and there was no ornamental at all. I couldn’t help but want to ask other people that there are cheats of bamboo breeding. After reading the following four tricks, you no longer envy others how to raise it. Do it. Let’s take a look!

How to raise the more and more vigorous and more vigorous techniques of Wenzhu: Water in spring and autumn, you need to observe the situation of the soil, watering after drying; Water, just wet the surface of the pot soil when watering; the temperature is high in summer, but there is no need to water the soil a lot. Just keep the soil slightly humid. At the same time this point is very important. This plant always has a lot to do with watering.

The second to raise the more stronger skills: In addition to choosing the soil with sufficient nutrients, the soil must also choose sandy soil. At the same time, put some small pieces at the bottom of the flower pot before planting to increase the effect of its drainage. If you think it is accelerated, you can add a little base fertilizer, but don’t do too much, otherwise it will burn the plants.

The third of the most stronger skills: Sunshine and Sunshine are also an important factor in many plants grow strong. Although this plant is shiny, in addition to summer, it is best to place it on the balcony in the other three seasons so that the sun can be exposed to it.

The fourth technique of raising the more stronger: The growth of this plant grows rapidly, and trimming can help them dwarf and dense. Therefore, it is necessary to trim it frequently, especially those older branches and leaves should be cut off to reduce the loss of nutrients.

The more popular the bamboo is, the more prosperous, but the longer the bamboo, the higher and the higher the more, and sometimes we still need to deal with it in time! Let’s take a look at the long and tall processing methods of Wenzhu.

What should I do if I am taller and taller, and I am happy and happy. The good bamboo is taller. It ’s not long nor right. Is it easy to raise a flower? Essence

Cut it directly since you have the distress of “what to do with the tall of the bamboo”, which shows that you are very disgusted with the long and high -length bamboo. If you don’t see it, you can cut it directly. Don’t worry. After cutting, the bamboo bamboo does not grow, just restore Wenzhu to your ideal state.

It is a good thing to grow many flower buddies to raise Wenzhu. It is a good thing to grow taller. Fix the taller articles in one position in one position, let it climb along the window to grow, and grow to a certain length is a green curtain, which is unique.

Flowers who want to watch in the form of bonsai can fix the taller branches with iron wires and bundle them into spherical shapes.

How to make Wenzhu long not high, if you don’t like the long bamboo lengthHigh, then the following content is what you need, do the following points, control the growth of Wenzhu in your palm.

Choose the dwarf breeds. When you buy the bamboo, you can directly choose a small variety. As long as you ensure that the plant type is upright and not cluttered during the maintenance process, it will keep the original appearance when you grow taller.

Reducing nutrients to keep Wenzhu’s length is to limit the growth of Wenzhu and reduce nutrients. The first is the choice of soil. Choose the soil of the semi -sand, with less nutrients. In fact, it is fertilizer. For newborn plants, nitrogen fertilizer water is usually applied once a month; for plants that grow for 2 to 3 years, growth is basically fixed, and nutrients are too small to cause long -term.

The growth rate of tuning bamboo is often trimmed quickly, and basically people have the same speed of hair. Cut off the dead branches and long stems at any time to ensure that the plants are short. At the same time, cut off the branches in time to keep it upright and beautiful, and dense.

The most important way to spray the short sturgeon is to spray the dwarf potion and use it in a ratio of three thousandths. This method is more suitable for lazy people, but the biggest disadvantage of you is that the short -sized bamboo feeling of the dwarf should not be the lush feeling of welcome pine.

In fact, the length of Wenzhu is not a very serious thing, and cutting or not in the personal preference. If you have enough space in your home for Wenzhu climbing and growing, seeing the branches full of white flowers, you will decide “crazy” because of your wisely!