How to raise fairy balls? Teach you a few steps to quickly master the breeding method of fairy balls!

In recent years, the fairy ball has become more and more frequently in the viewing flower market, and gradually occupy a certain position. This is because the fairy ball is better to feed, and the flowers of the fairy ball are very beautiful and have a certain ornamental value. Therefore, the fairy ball has become some entry -level varieties of flower lovers breeding flowers. So how should the fairy ball be raised? Let me introduce it to everyone in detail.

How to raise a fairy ball 1. The temperature of the temperature of the fairy ball is generally growing in the desert area, so it is more resistant to high temperature. The appropriate temperature of the general growth is between 20 and 30 degrees. When breeding in summer, the maximum temperature should not exceed 35 degrees.

The temperature should be maintained at more than 5 degrees in winter. If the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, the plant begins to enter the dormant. At this time, you should pay attention to keep the soil dry.

2. When raising soil pennels, you should pay attention to using sand soil with better drainage and breathability. Flower pots should also choose flower pots with better breathability, such as purple sand pots or pottery pots. The first layer of stones are padded in the first layer of stones to accelerate the drainage.

Fairy balls resist drought without waterlogging. When breeding fairy balls, you must pay attention to drainage. Do not let the soil accumulate too much water to soak the rhizome of the plant.

3. The water fairy ball is not high in water, but the requirements of fairy balls in different seasons have different requirements for moisture. Summer is the peak period of the growth of fairy balls. This is the greater requirements for water for the fairy ball and must be fully watered, but the watering should be carried out when the temperature is low in the morning and evening. Watering should be watered less in winter, as long as keep the soil too dry.

The fairy ball is better than most ornamental flowers. It is better to feed, and the requirements for maintenance are relatively low, but it still takes a certain time to take care of it. The fairy ball not only has other effects, but also uses other effects. Let’s introduce the effect of the fairy ball.

Efficacy of the fairy ball 1. Delaying aging fairy balls contain a large amount of amino acids, and also contains a large amount of trace elements such as zinc and manganese. These are active factors of vitamins and other substances, which can also participate in nucleic acid metabolism, which affects the growth and development of the human body. In addition, the cactus also contains high vitamin E and polysaccharides, which has antioxidant capabilities and delay aging.

2. Purifying the air fairy ball is mostly cooler at night and wet. When breathing, inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Therefore, placing such a plant in the room is tantamount to adding an air fresh device to purify the indoor air. Therefore, it is the ideal flower of the room at night.

3. Enhanced immunity after modern studies found that cactus can enhance the human body’s immunity and improve microcirculation by regulating the metabolism of the body. In addition, blood thrombus can be dissolved to repair gastric ulcer surfaces, which can regulate gastrointestinal disorders. At the same time, it has a certain effect on indigestion and constipation.

After reading today’s article, I believe you have a certain understanding of how to raise fairy ballsThe fairy ball is better to raise, if you like your friends, you can quickly raise it.