How to raise eyes

You can place the eye lotus in the semi -yin ventilation position to allow it to accept sufficient light, but it cannot be exposed to the sun. It usually takes half a month to pour water. The soil of soil, coal, and perlite can be mixed with the soil growing the lotus lotus. The soil of the eye lotus is replaced once every two years.

Eye tree lotus breeding method 1. photosynthesis

Eye lotus is native to Guangdong, growing more on the stream and forests, some People will ask how to raise the eye lotus. Eye Lotus likes the sun but cannot be exposed to the sun, so it needs to be placed in the semi -yin ventilation position during breeding. When the temperature is high in summer, the cooling treatment should be performed, and the light -eyed tree lotus will bloom from April to May.

2. Watering method

Eye Lotus likes a warm and humid environment, usually watering once every half a month, without too much watering during the growth period , Keep the soil moist. At high temperature, the number of watering should be increased appropriately. The temperature should be reduced by the temperature below 5 ° C. Otherwise, the root system of the eye lotus will be frostbite.

3. Preparation of soil

Treasury lotus must choose loose, breathable soil containing humus, and can mix soil, coal, and perlite to prepare soil , Plane can increase the breathability of the soil, and you can also go to the flower shop to buy a special nutritional soil planting. The soil for planting the eye lotus needs to be replaced once every two years, and half of the old soil can be left when it is replaced.

4. Use value

The entire plant of the eye lotus can be used as a medicinal material, which has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. Symptoms such as poison. Eye lotus can absorb dust and harmful gases in the air. It has the effect of purifying the air and beautifying the environment in the courtyard, and has high ornamental value.