How to pollinate artificially in Chunhua

When performing the artificial pollination operation of spring flowers, you need to be extra cautious to avoid the movement of the flowers and leaves too much. Before the operation, you should gently cut the flowers away until the stamens are exposed, and then use a clean stick to dip the pollen to the stamens to the stamens with a pollen to the stamens with a clean stick to the stamens with a clean stick to the stamens. Touch it, and dip the pollen on the stick on the stamens. Generally, the pollen has been successfully granted successfully after waiting for a few days.

Spring flower artificial pollination method

Due to the variety of Chunhua varieties, the height of the male and female stamens is different. How to give it the best pollination of spring flowers. In fact, if you want to pollinate artificially, you must gently open the leaves to expose the stamens, and then use a match to dip the pollen to the stamens to lightly light it.

Generally, the pollen is mature after two days of flowering. At this time, it is also the best time for pollination. When it is about 8-10 days, the pollen will gradually lose your life. Generally, artificial pollination operations can be successful in two to three times.

The fruits of the Spring Flower May to June are mature. Due to the short seedlings, it should be sowed in time after harvesting. The best sowing time is from June to September. The survival rate of transplanting seedlings is high, but pay attention to shading treatment to avoid sunburn.

When the spring flowers are planted, loose and breathable soils need to be provided. Pay attention to the number of watering times during maintenance, keep the soil moist, and appropriately apply low concentration of fertilizer to timely, timely timely, timely timely, timely Supplement nutrients required for plant growth.