How to make up the vine

Piaoxiang vine top is relatively simple. When it grows to about 60 cm, it can be used to top it, and it can be cut off directly. The amount of flowers will increase, so if you want to grow well, you need to top up.

The method of the top of the vine top

Piaoxiang vine top is simpler. When its branches grow to a certain height Just cut the branches and leaves at the top. The purpose of this is to make it budding long -sided buds. In the later period, more flowers can be prescribed. After the top, it must provide nutrients to it in time, so that it will not affect its growth Essence

The maintenance method of Fragrant vine 1. sufficient light

Fragrant vine is a happy plant, which can stay in the sun for a long time, generally at least at least To ensure at least 3 hours of light, it can be half -day or full -day. In the case of sufficient light, it can make it grow smoother. The vines grow more vigorously and can bloom more flowers in the later period.

2. Suitable water source

This kind of plant controls the water volume strictly, and can usually follow the principle of dry and wet to water. It must have enough water to grow better, but it cannot keep its soil moist for a long time. In this way, the root system will have problems. In winter, it can be appropriately reduced. Wet.

3. Reasonable nutrients

Piaoxiang vine’s requirements for nutrients are not high. When it grows, you can add some nutrients, rotten leaves or leaves or leaves or corruption leaves or corruption leaves or corruption leaves or leaves Farmers’ fat is better. Don’t apply more about excessive nutrients in order to make it want to make it grow. This will hinder its growth. At the same time, it must remove insects and pests in time during its growth. This is conducive to its growth.