How to maintain the technical point of hydroponic and fortune trees

Now more and more friends like to make a fortune tree. You can move wherever you like to put it. You can watch and purify the indoor air. What we see every day is that there are more fortune trees, and we have a comprehensive grasp of the knowledge of the soil care of the fortune trees. Then I will introduce the key points of the hydroponic technology of the fortune tree to my friends, so that the branches and leaves you have raised are lush, which means a better future!

The key points of the fortune of the fortune tree. Water insertion method and root washing method obtain hydroponic seedlings. The former can choose excellent branches to insert into the water. The root washing method should be selected for strong growth, disease -free insect pests, and small plant -shaped soil cultures to rinse the soil on its root system and plant water to cultivate water in hydroponic utensils. The plant obtained by the root washing method is large. It is best to use pottery grains as the matrix when hydroponic, and fix the plant, and conducive to rooting.

2. In the early stages of hydroponics, the water is changed every 2 to 3 days. Lao Gen has a strong ability to adapt to the water environment. After half a month, you can grow water roots. When the plant fully adapts to the hydroponic environment and performs well, you can use nutrient solution to maintain. Essence In the peak growth season, less nitrogen fertilizer is applied to increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, which can prevent the plant from growing, conducive to the expansion of the stem base, and increase the value of ornamental. For example, spray 0.1%permanganate armor by leaf surface. The dilute solution, the branches and leaves are more green and cute.

3. When the air is dry, spray water on the leaf surface and the surrounding environment, which can not only provide appropriate air humidity for it, but also wash the dust of the leaves to keep the leaves tender and shiny.

4. The fortune of the fortune tree should be sufficient, but the summer is not sunny, otherwise the leaves will be easily burned; and the light is too weak and easy to make the branches and leaves grow long, the petiole and the interval becomes long, the leaves become smaller, and the viewing is viewed. Value is significantly reduced.

5. The suitable growth temperature of the fortune tree is 15-30 ° C. It is best to keep the indoor temperature above 10 ° C. When the room temperature is lower than 5 ° C, the deciduous lobe and frost damage. The management of room temperature in winter is particularly important.

6. The growth of the fortune tree has a strong growth, and the advantage of the top is obvious. During the growth period, the long -term branches can be topped to promote the germination of the side branches to facilitate the formation of a beautiful plant shape and promote the expansion of the stem base. At the same time, it should also be cut off with weak and dense branches to facilitate ventilation. For plants with high plant heights and affecting ornamental, you can properly trim the stubble, promote the germination of the side branches, increase the crown, and make the crown shape plump and compact.

The maintenance method of hydroponic trees 1. Do not be too high in water level, and three -quarters of the root system.

2. Use water for a few days to change water and change water for about 20 days. Add leaf -viewing plant hydroponic nutrient solution, you can buy it online.

3. Dry air, spray water in the morning and evening.

4. Sanda light maintenance.

5. The leaves can be trimmed according to personal preferencesThe new leaves are fast.