How to graft crab claws in the fairy ball?Learn these tricks to become a master of crab claws!

After raising flowers to a certain degree, many friends like to try grafting. If the grafting is successful, it is very fulfilling, so today I mainly show you how to graft crab claws.

Fairy ball grafting crab claws 1. Before marriage, we need to prepare for the grafting tool. All grafting tools are disinfected. Secondly, we need to prepare for more than a year of growth, a strong fairy ball to make rootstocks, and crab claw orchids need to clean the dust as a scion.

2. After the preparation of the grafting before the grafting is completed, we can start grafting. First of all, we select the scion 1 or two sections to remove the roots of the plants and flatten both sides. Therefore, we must pay attention to the neat incision.

Third, the interface method can usually choose two interface methods, namely vertical and peaceful connection. The vertical connection is mainly to cut two knives from top to bottom of the rootstock’s shoulders, and the depth is best at 1.5 cm. Then insert the cut scion into the incision of the rootstock. The flat cut is mainly to flatten the head of the rootstock with a knife, and then insert a little five centimeters along the horizontal cut surface. As for the thickness, you need to cut according to the size of the scion.

After introducing the caught crab claws after the immortals, do you want to try it, but don’t worry, Xiaobian will continue to introduce the moisturizing treatment after the grafting is completed.

Moisturizing treatment We first find a box to find a box of grafted plants. Remember not to put it in the sun. After a week, we can plant palms with dry soil. We need to pay special attention to pay special attention. One point is that you must not be soaked in water. If you can’t keep dry at the broken mouth, it is particularly easy to rot.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the cautious grafting crab claws that I have compiled by the editors today. Now, can the friends who love flowers have already grafted them independently? As long as we prepare before grafting, we are prepared before grafting. Pay attention to the incision during grafting and pay attention to moisturizing afterwards. Then I believe everyone will be successful!