How to extend fresh -keeping roses, how to keep roses fresh longer (5 tricks)

Roses have always been the best flowers that people use to express love. They will appear in various confession, love, proposal, and marriage. Now that I have just passed 520, many friends have received roses sent by their people, but they do n’t know how roses extend fresh and keep fresh. How can roses keep fresh? Five tips

Although the roses are very good -looking, the value of ornamental is extremely high, but if you don’t keep it well, then its beauty can only be faded for one week, and even less than not yet. One week, it is a pity. So how to extend the preservation of roses?

1. Add coco Xian

to buy a flower preservation agent like Cali Flower directly, its role can Purify water quality, promote water absorption, prevent withering, and provide basic nutrients for flowers. This is the easiest way to keep roses in the longer age. Many flower shops use this, which can basically extend the flowers of flowers to bloom more than twice, which means that at least 3 weeks that you can save your roses can be preserved for more than 3 weeks or more. Essence

2. The freshness of tea preservation

Flowers with tea can extend the flowering time of flowers. This is because the nutrients (such as tea polyphenols) in the tea can extend the flowering time of flowers. Generally, roses can only be saved for about 7 days in water, and can be saved in the tea for about 15 days.

3. Branch cutting method

How to extend the fresh species of roses to proclaim the roses is more troublesome. Just two or three degrees, a cool place, don’t see the sun. Prepare a bucket with clean water (based on the roses that can put down the bundles), and the roses that are tied in advance will be tied in advance. It is best not to open it, so as not to open the flowers early). It is advisable to have no more than 8 to 10 cm in the water. Change the water once a day and cut this branch every two days (ordinary scissors can be cut off, remember to wear it, remember to wear it, remember to wear it, remember to wear it, remember to wear it, remember to wear it. Gloves, otherwise the hands will be tied all the eyes, it hurts.

4. The slope branches

Cut a branch with a slope, and then put them in the bottle. Since the slope will increase the cross -section of the flowers of the flowers, it will make the flower branches be preserved longer. French

When the rose appears signs of fading, you can cut off a small section of the end of the flower branch, and then put it in the container full of cold water, leaving only the flower head to expose the water surface, only the flower head is exposed to the water surface, and only the flowers are exposed to the water. After one to two hours, the flower branches will slowly recover their vitality. Finally, if it is not well preserved, it can be made into rose tea, and thenThe effect and role of rose tea are still very powerful.