How to divide the bamboo?Introduction to the method of Zhizhu!

Many friends have raised bamboo at home, and the living room is not only beautiful, but also purifies the air in the room. Everyone may know that Wenzhu can be cultivated through sections, but just knows this method, and I do n’t know how to go to the division. Today, the Four Seasons Plant Network will introduce the detailed steps of the branch. You can collect it, maybe you will use it in the future!

The method of the bamboo branch selection to choose the bamboos of the division for the division of the bamboo. You should choose a healthy bamboo plant with more than 2-3 years old and new branches. The rooting of this plant is better.

Wenzhu went to the pot to go to the soil and the selected plants to the pot to the soil. After going to the pot, take the roots of the plant with your hands to lightly shoot the original soil, and pay attention to protecting the integrity of the root system. Try not to damage too much.

After cleaning the roots of the bamboo, rinse the lower root with water after removing the soil, so that you can better see the root system.

Carefully observe the roots, you can find a lot of elementary nodes, find the standard part, and pinch the part of the division with your hands and gently separate. If the selected part is not open, be careful not to make the brute force, it may be the wrong part, and you need to choose again.

The cluster of Wenzhu can be divided into several new plants as needed. In order to ensure the survival rate, novices should not divide the plants into too small trees, and try to make the root of the new plants stronger. Such strong growing plants are usually divided into 3 to 4 plants.

After the potted planting of the bamboo on the pot is divided into the potted plant, choose the appropriate flower pot. Put some cultivation soil in the pot, put the divided plants in, hold the plant in one hand, and fill the soil with one hand. Pay attention to the root system, evenly distributed in the flowerpot, which is conducive to the survival of the root system.

It is not easy to fill the soil to complete the soil. After filling in the soil, pour the water once in time. Since then, it will not be poured. Then put it in a place with scattered light, give it a buffer process, do not directly get the sun directly under the sun.

Wenzhu can be breeded or sowed to reproduce. So what is the method of planting bamboo sowing? Let’s take a look!

The sowing method of Wenzhu is the main method of breeding bamboo.

The cultivation of the planting bamboo sowing and breeding must be cultivated first. Generally, the potted plants cannot be blossomed and solid, so most of the seeds are planted in the indoor. Strong plants in 2 years to 3 years, choose a slightly shade planting, set up a bracket, and let them naturally climb.

Collect seeds spring. When the peel of the bamboo seeds becomes black and soft, it is mature. At this time, it should be gradually picked according to the degree of maturity. Sowing can be sown in early month.

The sowing matrix of the sowing substrate is generally fine sand, and the container is tile or wooden box. Place the seeds at a distance of 2-3 cm on the pot soil, 2-3 capsules per hole. After sowing, cover the fine sand 5 mm, cover the glass or plastic film, keep the temperature 20-25 ° C, and often spray water to keep the pot soil moist.

It started germination and seedlings in about 30 days after the pelvis was broadcast.When the seedlings are 4-5 cm high, the pot can be planted at 8-10 cm.

After growing small seedlings, choose a strong transplantation, and you can develop beautiful bonsai when it is maintained for 1 to 2 years!

I want to know more about the cultivation of the bamboo breeding, pay attention to the four seasonsPlant network!