How to climb in the heart leaf vine room, the brown pillars grow upright/net pocket climb through the wall

Heart leaves are a common vine plant. It is very similar to the green dill. The climbing ability of the heartye vine is relatively strong, and the leaves are evergreen with heart -shaped. How to climb in the heart of the heart? There are generally two ways to breed the hearty leaves in the home. One is to make a brown column for climbing, and the other is to make a net pocket to let it climb through the wall.

1. Method of the climbing of the vine -indoor indoor 1. Make a brown column

Make a brown pillar to make a heart -leaf vine pillar, which is the most common one, which is the most common. The climbing method often does so. Take a proper PVC tube, then wrap a layer of brown bark on the outside, and then insert the pillars in the center of the flower pot.

Wait until the vine of the heart leaf vine grows to about 30 cm, and wrap the vine into the column and fix it. After a period of the vine, the vines were fixed for a while, and a heart -leaf vine pillar was formed slowly.

2, net pocket climbing wall

How to climb the heartye vine room? If there is a large wall in the room, you can hang a layer of net on this wall, and then put a few pots of heart leaf vines under the net. When the vine of the plant grows to 30 cm, you can put it. Hold on the Internet.

But the vines are growing every other time, so it needs to be manually fixed regularly. Wait until a whole wall is covered with heart leaf vines. Very spectacular. But there is a problem that such a shade -shaped vine wall may provoke mosquitoes.

Second, the maintenance techniques of heartye vine 1. Watering in moderation

The amount of watering of the heartye vine should be determined according to the changes in the climate environment. The heart leaves are wet. In the spring and autumn seasons, keep the pot soil wet. Generally, watering 2 to 3 times a week, and the summer temperature is high and the sun is spicy, and the water evaporation of the heart leaves vine can also be poured once in the morning and evening. It also needs to be moisturized at the leaves. Reduce the amount of water in winter and once a week to avoid the roots of the pots of potting soil.

2. Suitable for light

The heartye vine is more yin tolerant. Although the requirements for care are not high, normal growth is inseparable from light. It is best to accept the light of 4 to 6 hours a day. If the light is insufficient, it may cause the branches and leaves to be weak and the leaf color becomes light yellow. It is best to be able to put it in the sun or the sun that scatters sufficient.

3. Control temperature

The range of heartye vine grows at 10-28 ° CIn the summer, if the temperature exceeds 32 ° C, the shades should be appropriate.The heart leaves are not cold -resistant, the temperature in winter cannot be lower than 10 ° C, and the temperature is too low may cause its death.

4. Reasonable fertilization

In the growth period of the heartye vine, thin fertilizer water can be applied every half month, and the fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer.You can also apply leaf surface fertilizer to the heart leaf vine, and spray the fertilizer directly on the leaves, which can make the leaves more oily green.In winter, fertilization should be stopped, because the heart of the heart in the winter will enter the dormant period because the temperature is too low, and the fertilization may cause roots.

Conclusion: After reading the content above, I believe that everyone should know the method of climbing heartye and vine climbing.Always provoke mosquitoes.