How to change the basin for the fairy ball? Mastering these can make the fairy ball grow longer and better!

Fairy ball is a very common potted green plant in people’s lives, and a perennial herb. The properly well -maintained fairy ball not only has high ornamental value, but also has a long life span, up to 500 years. In its maintenance process, the most important thing is to change the pot every 2 to 3 years, so that its root system can better absorb nutrients and burst into vitality. Do you know that this should be changed to the fairy ball? Below, let’s take a look at the following sharing with Xiaobian.

How to change the pot for the fairy ball? 1. Before preparing a new flower pot to change the pot, you should prepare a new flower pot with a larger pot in advance, put a layer of loam on the bottom of the pot, and then sprinkle with an organic layer of organic layer. Fat, and then put on a layer of sand. It should be noted that the total amount of loam and sand soil is almost the same, and finally sprinkle the water to make the pot soil moist.

2. Dig out the fairy ball with a quilt or a thick and soft blanket to wrap the fairy ball first, and then use a small shovel to stick to the wall of the flower pot slowly. Try to avoid the root system that has not hurt the fairy ball.

3. Move it into the new flower pot in the new flower pot and dig a pit with a radish and moderate size, then put the fairy ball in it, and finally fill it with sand.

How about the change of the basin of the fairy ball? After changing the pot, plus the proper maintenance, the fairy ball can grow better and better. It also has a good health effect. Let’s take a look together.

The health effect of the fairy ball: 1. Treatment of frostbite for freezing frostbite, you can take a certain amount of fairy balls, spines and smash it, apply it to the affected area and bandage it with gauze. After five days, remove it. The dressing can be cured.

2. Treatment of burns, snake bug bites with a knife to scrape the skin of the fairy ball and smash it, and stick it to the wound to cure the burns; Essence

3. Treatment of mumps take fresh and appropriate amount of fairy balls, thorns and fluff, wash and smash, and then evenly apply to the swelling of the ear, and fix it with gauze; change the medicine twice a day.

I learned about the specific basis method of the immortal ball, but also knew that the fairy ball was not only seen, but also used to cure diseases and wounds. Do you have a look at the fairy ball?