How much is the price of passion fruit?

Passion fruit is 5 yuan to 20 yuan per catty. The price of a pound in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions is between 5 and 7 yuan, adding transportation, fresh -keeping, and miscellaneous fees in other areas. The price is between 10 and 20 yuan, and the price is between 7 and 13 yuan on the e -commerce platform. The prices of purple and yellow passion fruit are between 10 and 12 yuan and 15 to 20 yuan, respectively.

Passion fruit 5 yuan to 20 yuan per catty

The fruit of passion fruit is golden, sweet and sour, and is loved by people. Where, the price of a pound of passion fruit is between 5 yuan and 20 yuan. According to the differences in the land and quality, the price of passion fruit is also different.

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that grows more in tropical and subtropical regions. In our country, Passion fruit is mostly produced in Guangxi and Guangdong. If you buy passion fruit in both Guangdong and Guangxi, the price will be cheaper, and the price of a pound is about 5 yuan to 7 yuan.

If you buy passion fruit in other areas, the price will be expensive, because you want to add long -distance transportation, fresh -keeping work, manpower and material resources, etc. Essence If you buy it on an e -commerce platform, the price of a pound of Paiange fruit is between 7 yuan and 13 yuan, and 5 pounds are generally purchased.

The quality of passion fruit will be different. The purple passion fruit taste is acidic. Generally, the price of a pound is between 10 yuan and 12 yuan. The yellow passion fruit tastes sweeter, the head is larger, and it is more popular. Between 15 yuan and 20 yuan.