How many colors of Xiaolihua: there are red, purple red, ink red, etc.

Xiaolihua, also known as Xiaolihua, Xiaohua Xilian lotus, etc., is a perennial root herbaceous plant in the chrysanthemum family.How many colors are there in Xiaolihua?This article introduces you.

How many colors of Xiaolihua?The color of Xiaoli flowers is extremely rich, including various varieties such as red, purple red, ink red, yellow, blue, purple, white, and mixed color.


Xiaoli Huahua is suitable for a warm climate. If you are afraid of hotness, you are afraid of the cold as many girls.And avoid clay, if water stains appear in the soil, it will rot at all, so pay special attention to drainage and ventilation.
The color of Xiaolihua is introduced here, hoping to help everyone.