How long is Passion Fruit Planting the result

Passion fruit is generally planted in Spring from 2 to March. If cutting seedlings are planted, then flowers can be fruitful from May to June. If seedlings are sowed, it will only be available until September to October. The seedlings can be found in 3 months. Seed seedlings are planted for 7 months before the result can be planted.

1. Passion fruit planting for 5 months

Passion fruit is grown from 2 to March in spring. ~ Blossoms in June, that is, 3 months, if seeds are sowed and breed in early spring, then it takes September to October to bloom, and the result of 7 months is required.

Two, Passion Fruit Plant Management 1. Time and Methods

Passion fruit is generally planted in the early spring, not necessarily from 2 to March, specifically specific, specific Depending on the temperature, the warm areas in the south can be planted from January to February, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are planted from 2 to March. The north can be planted from March to April. Seeds storage, seedlings need to be raised in the first year, and planted the second year after wintering.

2. Watering and fertilization

Passion fruit is more drought -resistant and not wet. Usually it is poured through the water for 1 week after planting. There is no need to do too much water to prevent stagnant water from rotting the roots. Then you should also pay attention to excessive water in the rainy season. It is best not to rain. If it is rained, you need to discharge excess water in time.

3. Pruning and frame

Passion fruit is a vine plant, which needs to be climbed with the help of brackets. Take a shelf for its climbing, and then fix the seedlings with a rope at the base. When the Baixiang fruit grows to 1 meter height, it can be removed by a large amount of side buds to increase the main branch vine.