Green dill once a few days of water? Green dill watering frequency and precautions detailed introduction

Many friends who breed green spoils like to water the green Luo often, for fear of the green dill being thirsty, and some friends always forget to water. In fact, the frequency of watering is very important for the growth of the green dill. If it is, it may be killed. The root system of Luluo is in a middle and humid environment. The relative humidity of the leaves requires more than 60%, so when it is moderately watering, while keeping the pot soil, it often sprays water on the leaves and leaves. Spray water in the morning, middle, and evening in the summer and autumn to increase the humidity.

Pour water once a few days of water? Green Luo’s growth season in principle is to keep the pot soil moisturizing. Remember not to use rice water water. It must be used after being fermented and rotten, otherwise it is not only easy to be insects, but also seriously causes rotten roots. The temperature is high in summer, the green dill grows strong, and the water storage capacity is large. It needs to be poured once in about 2 days. The amount of watering in autumn and winter should be controlled according to the indoor temperature. When the room temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the soil of the plant evaporates slowly, and the watering should be reduced. Pour water once every 4 to 5 days. Pour water once every 3 to 4 days.

How to water the Luo Luo? Green Luo should not directly irrigate the water into the pot when watering. In addition, water should be sprayed with the roots of the brown pillars to reduce the insufficient water absorption of the roots due to the rapid evaporation. Watering must be poured once to keep the soil humidity. In the north, room temperature is above 10 ° C, green dill can be safe to pass winter, room temperature is above 20 ° C, and green dill can grow normally. When watering in winter, it is necessary to dry the water in the room for a day. When the basics are basically consistent with the room temperature, they can be poured, so that the water is too cool and causes the green lolu to damage the roots.

If you judge whether the green dill wants to water: ① insert disposable chopsticks into the soil and take it out for a few minutes. Watermarks are brought out, indicating that there is no need to water. (Suitable for novice!)

② First look at the soil surface of the pot soil to dry or wet. If the surface soil is dry, take a look at how thick the dry soil layer is; if it is just a thin layer, you don’t have to water. If the dry soil layer has reached 1/4 to 1/3 of the pot soil, it indicates that the potting soil has begun to lack water or has already been lacking, and water should be replenished immediately.

③ Determine whether it is short of water in the green pot, and you can also see the leaves. As long as you feel that the leaves of the green dill are not very spiritual, then ten or nine is a shortage of water. (But this must have a certain experience to see)

Precautions for watering: ① Do not always water the green dill, or not poured in a few days, and then pour it to a certain extent. Yellow leaves also appear.

② Green Pot requires a strong penetration of the pot soil. In this way, pour some water will penetrate. Go down, give people a kind of water enough waterThe illusion of it.

③ Do not water it when the temperature is very high. Generally, choose night or morning.