Flowing skills | 6 kinds of flowers and yellow leaf prevention skills

The yellowing of the family’s leaves is the most common problem, but it cannot be cured. The reason is that no u0026 ldquo; culprit u0026 rdquo; in the following editors, the following editors teach you several general yellow leaves control skills.

Flower yellow leaf prevention skills 1. Water yellow

Water yellow -scale: water dehydration (dry yellow) and multi -water (waterlogging) Essence 1. Drought: that is, the potted plant dehydration causes the leaves to yellow. Flowers forgot to water or temporarily pour half -waist water (that is, dry and dry), and simply causes the leaves to yellow, and the leaves are drooping and drooping. First, the old leaves were yellow, and gradually fell from bottom to top. In this kind of situation, a large number of watering and spraying water are required to restore it before switching to general watering. 2. Waterlogging: excessive watering, the pot soil is temporarily overwhelmed, forming a hypoxia in the soil, making the local whisker decay, so that the local whisker is decayed, so that Flowers and plants cannot be taken from water and fertilizer, so that the leaves of flowers and plants are yellow. Watering should be mastered immediately, fertilizing and fertilizing, put it in a boring place, and often loose soil to make the soil ventilation excellent. Second, fat yellow

Fat yellow is also divided into two cases: lack of fertilizer (malnutrition) and multi -fertilizer (excess nutrition) 1. Folty fertilizer: Flowers and grass lack of fertilizer look thick and weak. The leaves are yellow, and it looks a bit vitality. Fertilization should be applied immediately, and it will work in a few days. 2. Multiple fertilizer: Excessive fertilizer or too close to the roots, the flowers cannot absorb the roots, so that the leaves and yellow leaves can be caused. Do not use fertilizer for fertilizer, do not use rotten fertilizers, and do not apply too much fertilization. If too much fertilizer, watered more to remove the fertilizer. You can also change the soil from scratch.