Flowers that are not auspicious on feng shui

There are many flowers that are not auspicious on feng shui, such as the other side of the other side of the extract, plum blossoms with unlucky meaning, foreign hydrangea that attracts evil spirits, oleanda that destroys feng shui, and the funeral funeral. Feng Shui is lucky, bringing mildew or doom for it. You should usually pay attention to stay away and not be maintained at home.

1. The other shore flower

The flower on the other side is the flower growing on the side of the grave. Death will bring bad luck to people. Therefore, you should also pay attention not to keep this flower at home, it is very unlucky.

2. Although the plum blossoms symbolize Gao Jie, because of its u0026 ldquo; plum u0026 rdquo; and unlucky: mold u0026 ldquo; homophonic, so plum blossoms on feng shui will not bring good luck, but there are unlucky wells. The meaning of people will consume people’s good luck, while bringing mildew and unlucky people.

3. Western hydrangea

Western hydrangea has good ornamental value, but it is also a flowering flower with unlucky feng shui. If you want to watch it at home for viewing, it will cause the overall Feng Shui to be destroyed, and the external evils will enter the home, affecting people’s fortune and physical health.

4. Pyrth peels on feng shui have the effect of destroying Feng Shui and reducing wealth, and it is also a very unlucky flower. And the juice of the ole paste is also toxic. Usually, after accidentally eating, it is easy to cause vomiting and other poisoning, which will endanger people’s life safety.

5. Fusang Flower

Because of the funeral of kimono, it is also considered a flower with a very unlucky Feng Shui, which will bring bad luck to people, and may even be possible. Someone died and needed mourning. Therefore, even if the Fusang flowers are very beautiful, don’t make the maintenance room in order to appreciate it, which will cause Feng Shui to deteriorate.

6. According to Yu Meiren, Yu Meiren was contaminated with Yu Ji’s blood, and a kind of flowers blooming on the ground. Although they are beautiful, they have the meaning of life and death to leave, and they are not auspicious in feng shui. And Yu Meiren also has the legend of recruiting ghosts. Holding Yu Meiren in the Ghost Festival will attract Yu Ji’s ghost.

7. Master Black

In fact, Master Black Master is also a very unlucky flower. Instead, not only will not bring good luck on feng shui, it will corrupt people’s fortune , Keep it unlucky. Master Black also has a cursed flower language. It is said that he can summon the evil spirits living in hell, which has a very strange power.

8. The chrysanthemums generally have the meaning of longevity and have a good transfer effect on feng shui, but the white chrysanthemum in chrysanthemum has unlucky feng shui meaning.The flower language of mourning is used to worship the undead, and naturally it will not form auspicious feng shui fortune.

9. Begonia Flowers

Begonia flowers with the name of broken intestine flowers also belong to a very unlucky flower on feng shui.If you can’t wait, the inconsistent woman who died in the end, so naturally it has the meaning of acacia and bitter love, which will make people love uncomfortable.

10. The so -called flowers blooming in Tuzheng, at the end of the flower season, only the tutorial is still open silently.It also has a bad meaning, representing the death of the end, which will affect people’s own good fortune.