Flower breeding skills | How to combine potted plants beautiful

When I saw the flowers of the flowers on the Internet with various flowers and garden -like potted plants, I also thought when we could have such a beautiful potted plant. In fact, this is not difficult to do. The following teach you four kinds of potted plants combinations. Methods.

The characteristic of the combination of potted plants is to plant different plants into a container through a combination of different plants. Through different plant species, the rich color blocks are performed by combined potted plants. The plants look more plump and beautiful, and can show a sense of layering. The lines of the plants can be perfectly displayed in one whole.

How to combine potted plants? Potting plants combination skills 1. You can choose plants with long flowering periods, and then match with leaf -viewing plants, seasonal grass flowers to match. 2. In terms of plants, you must choose plants with good overall shapes and good growth. You can also choose plants with consistent flowers in the flowering period. 3. It can be scattered in the shape of the plant. If the size is similar, you can choose different colors and different flower types. If the flower type of plants is similar, you can choose different plant flowers. In addition, the problem of the same color flower combination, how to choose the same color flower can also be arranged directly in combination. 4. The choice of flower pots is important. The growth habits of the plants are selected for flower pots with appropriate materials, and secondly through the size of the plant to choose the appropriate size of flower pots. In addition, in terms of the color of the flower pot, if the color of the plant is rich in color, it is recommended to choose a relatively elegant flower pot. You can also choose the corresponding flower pot according to the style of home decoration.

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