Floating vine?

Fragrant vines generally have no fragrance. Some special varieties will have a faint fragrance. This plant belongs to the family of peach and bamboo. Most of the plants in this family are toxic. , You can breed Piacan Teng on the balcony or outdoor, which has a certain ornamental value

Fragrant vines generally have no fragrance

There are many varieties of Fragrant vine. There is no fragrance for varieties. Only a small part of it will have a faint fragrance. This plant is more suitable for planting outdoors or balconies because it will grow extraordinarily in full sunshine and have high ornamental value.

Fragrant vine belongs to the peel -peach family. Although most of the peelsceae plants are poisonous, the vines are not poisonous. When breeding it, it can be placed in sand or corruption soil with better breathability and drainage. This is conducive to the growth of its root system and can draw more nutrients in the later stage.

If you want to grow more lush growth, you must create a suitable environment for growth. Generally, it is best to control it at about 25 degrees. Before zero, it can keep it warm when too low, which is more conducive to the smooth blooming in the later period.

The principle of watering in summer should be followed in terms of watering, and less watering in winter. You can water it twice a day in summer to avoid burns caused by watering at noon at noon. At the same time, some compound fertilizers can be applied according to its growth, which will help it focus more nutrients and improve its growth quality.