Fast -growing beautiful climbing plant

There are many plants that climb the vine, and the more common growth of the vine plants include bougainvillea, Jinping vine, iron wire lotus, floating vine, and vine. The speed is very fast, with unique ornamental value, and it can usually make it covered with walls such as walls.

1. Delta plum

Triangle plum belongs to perennial vine shrubs. Its flowering time is long, and it usually blooms from March to July each year. The flowers have a variety of colors. Whenever the triangular plum climbs the entire wall, it is very beautiful when the bougainvillea plum is, which is suitable for the potted plants to maintain.

2. Jinping Teng

The growth of Jinping Teng is properly fast, and it also belongs to climbing plants. Its flowering period is generally in hot summer. Whenever summer It is also the most valuable time period for Jinping Teng. It usually needs to give it sufficient sunshine, but sunscreen measures need to be taken in high temperature in summer.

3, Tie Lotus

Speaking of the beautifully growing beautiful vine plants, in fact, the iron wire is one of them. If the lack of light is so easy to make it grow, so you need to give it sufficient light. Every year from June to September, it is the most beautiful time period for the growth of iron.

4. Fragrant vine

The branches of Fragrant vine are more tough, can hover on the bracket to grow, and with the help of the sun, it can grow it for a long time. Generally, in May to October, the flowers will be full of branches, with high ornamental value, and the flowers will emit unique floral fragrance.

5. Tengdami Rose

There are many different potted plants in the rose, and Monteen also belongs to the rattan plant this season. Usually you need to set up and maintain it. In the process of breeding on the wall, it is necessary to water it in time in the process of growing to fertilize it in order to make more beautiful flowers from from May to November.