Every year, evergreen climbing walls, nourishing Changchun and green spots can be used to climb the wall

There are many wall climbing plants. Among them, ten kinds of plants such as ivy, green dill, money mint, hanging bamboo plum, Chiba hanging orchids, and vine three are all evergreen walls of evergreen walls all year round. It can be maintained at home, which can make it climb and grow along the stand, play a good decorative environment, and many plants also have the effect of purifying air and multiple medicinal effects, which is beneficial to human health.

1. Ivy vines

Ivy vines have good ornamental value, and it is a kind of evergreen climbing wall of evergreen throughout the year. Cultivate it at home and let the branches of Changchun vine climb along the wall. It can make a good wall decoration and have a good landscaping environment.

2. Green Luo

The vitality of its branches can quickly climb the growing green dill, which is also a good climbing plant, which can be maintained throughout the year. And it also has a good effect of purifying the air, which can absorb the harmful gases in the air and maintain the fresh and healthy air.

3. Money mint

Fix a bracket on the wall and put a pot of money mint, which can also have a good effect of climbing the wall. Dagging or growing along the bracket. Money mint not only has the green seasons of the four seasons, but also has good medicinal value, which can effectively treat cold cough and bruises.

4. Hanging bamboo plum

Hanging bamboo plum is also a vines evergreen plant, which can climb and grow along the wall. Green and purple stripes look elegant and fresh. To keep it in the room, pay attention to keep the environment moist and avoid direct light.

5. Chiba Schilan

The very good Chiba Schilan is also a kind of evergreen wall climbing plant. A sense of romance of a mother -in -law, built a stand on the wall for it, its branches can quickly climb the walls to grow.

6. Tengsanqi

As a perennial roots wrapped around Fujimoto, I maintain the evergreen leaves throughout the year, and can grow up the wall very well. In addition, Teng Sanqi also has the medicinal effect of promoting blood circulation and blood, healthy stomach, and swelling and stasis, which can be beneficial to human health.

7. Combine taro

The combined fruit taro who likes the semi -yin and humid environment, is also an evergreen wall climbing plant in the four seasons, planting it on the side of the wall and tractioning it for it for it. You can achieve climbing walls. Heguo taro has a beautiful plant type and good meaning, so it is loved by many people and chose to plant it at home for maintenance.

8. Jinping Teng

Just like its nameThe well -maintained good Jinping vine will always be green in the four seasons, and its branches hang down and climb to grow, just like a beautiful Jinping, but also like the curtains hanging down. ThereforeWatching value and outstanding temperament.

9. Ball orchid

The strange ball orchid is currently a popular green climbing plant.The flowering period can also be seen in spherical flowers, and with a strong floral fragrance, it is a very popular indoor ornamental vine plant.

10. Tie Lotus

A wide variety of iron wire is also a kind of evergreen vines, which has good climbing properties.Lotus climbing the wall grows.The flowers it blooms are very beautiful, very suitable for viewing, and it has good cold resistance, and it can well maintain winter in winter.